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#1 Up&Away Nov 15, 2012 12:13 AM

The Soarer - vintage plan
While browsing glider plans on Outerzone (an excelent source for all kinds of free plans) I came across "The Soarer", a gullwing design from 1939.
I'm eyeing it for maybe next years' winter project. Pouring over the plan, it seems a fairly straightforward build. The only thing I haven't got my brains around yet, is how to attache the wing halves to the fuse. Especially as they enter the fuse at an angle.
Does anyone have experience with this type of (gullwing) fuse attachement? It should be strong enough for a high start launch.

#2 bjaffee Nov 16, 2012 12:00 AM

This looks a bit like the "Super Soarer" another gull winged free flight glider (and I wonder if it's a descendant of this one).

I did a pretty extensive write up of a Super Soarer I converted to R/C a while back. The plane was pretty much already buillt for free flight when I got it, but there are some pics in the article showing how I mounted the wing: basically a straight forward bolt on with a large contoured hatch resting on top of it....


Note that the model is still available in both free flight and R/C versions:

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