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#1 Laurence Carroll Nov 13, 2012 05:47 AM

New nano fibre fabric..for composites...New Zealand

FYI I have just started a thread about this over in the Handlaunch section...I only found out last week that this is being done here in Auckland NZ...

See the Revolution Fibres web site www.revolutionfibres.com for more info and also a client of theirs who are using this to make stronger fishing rods/blanks... Kilwell Tube....in Rotorua NZ They have a PDF showing some testing they have done...

I have the links etc on the other thread.....

It is used in the glue/adhesive joint to reinforce the glue/adhesive itself as I understand it...especially in carbon fibre laminates....it is very light and has a waxed backing paper to make t easy to handle

I am not part of either company just a fan of DLG's that found a new technology (locally!!) to improve the designs and performance etc....



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