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        Sold 4 Gazaur helicopters forsale $150 each shipped

#1 BowerR64 Nov 11, 2012 10:36 PM

4 Gazaur helicopters forsale $150 each shipped
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$150 each, 2 for $275. or all 4 for $425. shipped.

The last one i flew was the white one a few days ago, man am i rusty. I was suprised the radio still was setup its been dead for over 2 years and it flew just as good as i remember.

The yellow one took a fall off my dresser the caopy is sadly a little cracked. A little shoegoo and a reapaint should fix it. I spent as much time on that canopy as i did with the monster one. Adding screen and stuff to it. Cutting the vents.

All 4 helicopters are pretty much ready to fly with a radio. Im using an older 75mhz FM futaba transmitter im sure thats WAY outdated by now.

These are all setup for fun flying, they have slower RPM motors for longer flights. Last one i flew for 6 minutes the pack was still at 80% on the charger so how long they can go ive never tested it.

These are really nice flying helicopters i must say my favorites of all ive ever owned.

I have 4 still NIB unbuilt and a ton of parts. I may have enough parts to rebuild everything a few times. Some frame parts a few booms screws you name it.

Ide sell a NIB kit for $100. + shipping unbuilt unflown no radio gear just the heli. Ill get some pics later.


Only really interested in pistols for a trade, i want the money to buy another one.

#2 BowerR64 Nov 11, 2012 10:49 PM

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NIB helicopters

#3 Stenz28 Nov 11, 2012 11:42 PM

Are these all Mars?


#4 BowerR64 Nov 11, 2012 11:56 PM

No they are half and half. The monster is a mars, the yellow one is a mars the clear canopy is posiden and the white one is a posiden.

The frames can be mixed and matched as far as the lower frames, landing skids and the canopys.

I also have one of each canopys in clear incase some one wants clear over the stock white ones.

Also if you notice in the boxes, those are also posidens, the mars are int he back behind the ones that are opened you can see inside the box.

#5 BowerR64 Nov 12, 2012 05:30 AM

Monster is sold, that is the one with the teeth. Thanks Garrett1234567

3 built left and 4 NIB

#6 PcChip Nov 12, 2012 06:26 PM

I've never heard of these - they look really cool!

Are they 450 sized?

What electronics are in them ?

#7 Garrett1234567 Nov 12, 2012 06:48 PM

I can answer for him, I've talked quite a bit to him about these.
They are just under a 500 size heli. They have htx900 servos on the swash. The one I bought has a hs-81 on the tail.

#8 BowerR64 Nov 12, 2012 06:56 PM

They are all the blue swash servos. Since they all 3 work together they dont need to be super powerful. They all 3 devide the power needed the tail thats a different story.

All use the Align ESC35amp with 400-450 size motor geared down for longer flights. The GY401 clone gyro

#9 BowerR64 Nov 14, 2012 04:48 AM

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2 more have been sold thanks Stenz28.

#10 Stenz28 Nov 14, 2012 06:47 AM

I sure hope others will join the Gazaur club...

Or I may have to find some more hiding places from the Missus!

C'mon gang! Don't get me in (any more) trouble!

#11 boxfan Nov 14, 2012 07:35 AM

I'm with ya with a Mars and a NIB. Even if I never fly it, it will be the coolest girl in the hangar...

#12 Garrett1234567 Nov 14, 2012 08:00 AM

With you guys too, I bought the monster and now waiting on my Christmas bonus to come so I can possibly get one of the nib ones.
Great deal here and awesome guy to deal with

#13 desertdweller Nov 14, 2012 10:42 AM

Pm'd on a NIB Mars

PP sent

#14 BowerR64 Nov 16, 2012 12:21 PM

I got 1 more RTF posiden

I also have this kinda pro kit thing i was saving but i dont think im going to even put any radio gear in it. Im to lazy now to even set it up if i even still remember how.

I kinda forgot how to do this. Not just the radio but how to set the curves and im sure it will just a be a short lived flight.

#15 BowerR64 Nov 18, 2012 04:15 AM

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Here is the one i said is kind of a pro kit or what ever. Its not all G56 parts or what ever that silver weave parts are. The lower half, boom and blades are the black graphite parts. They seem the same weight but i think they look cooler and i think they are less flexable?

Never flew it so im not real sure the difference other then the looks. I was going to keep it and put radio gear in it but liek i said i dont want to take the time nor do i think i could do it any more. Just kinda out of the hobby i found it stressful believe it or not. stress because i didnt want to crash lol

The last one is a ready to fly, has all electronics in it but receiver (i ran older FM so im sure you dont want that) motor, speed control, servos, gyro and a new unpainted posiden (white) canopy.

I took the boom off and landing gear so it fits back into the stock box. Its one of the helicopters above with the posiden white canopy.

THe yellow one that has the graphite parts also has a longer extended boom, its the pro boom with the longer red belt. Also has extra set of graphite blades, extra extended boom, and the posiden and mars boom fin. The fin on it is the little mars one the larger one is the posiden and the tail is the posiden tail also.

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