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#1 Cougar429 Nov 09, 2012 12:12 PM

Align 75A ESC
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Need help here. I just pulled the 75A ESC that was installed in the T600 heli during the build to replace it with the CC ICE 100 with the intention of using this one in a DF jet I picked up Sunday.

Have no clue how I missed this one as the heli has not seen a battery yet, but for some reason I could not find any correct setups. Found the red pos wire removed and folded over, which is expected with no BEC, but the white signal wire had been soldered to the input POS batt lead. ???????????????

Anyway, good thing I never added the battery connector when plugged into the receiver as 22V would have let t he magic smoke out.

My question is anyone out there has an idea where is the signal line supposed to be connected? In Pic #1 there appears to be two possibilities just to the right of the POS solder pad, the lower one to the end of the resistor marked with the upside down "20".

Ignore the plastic missing from the caps. Was a pain trying to remove the heat shrink as it had bonded to them.

#2 Cougar429 Dec 14, 2012 07:48 AM

Just wanted to update I did get it fired up and working.

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