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#1 TurboPirate Nov 05, 2012 07:15 PM

Hello from Puerto Rico
Hello everyone here at this awesome forum about radio control hobby, I didn't see a introduction section so I'll make this one an intro and also to share what I have done this past 3 weeks, well due to health problems I have to be indoors almost 24/7 so went to R@dio Sh@ck and saw a cute Helicopter at the displayed saw the words indoors, I always wanted a radio control equipment but never had the time, now I do, not so much but I do, got the Propel Gyropter, went home, read all the instructions and was flying the mini thingy all over the house, Simba our Golden Retriever was following the helicopter all over, crashed it a few times trying to land it on the box it came, until finally I learned how to land it, lol, I have never had an RC before besides the Super Lobo RC dune buggy exclusive for Sears, I was 12 years old, anyway went here at this forum after googleing the Propel Gyropter saw enough videos you guys have here, so I wanted something a little bigger, got the Interceptor 3.0 indoor/outdoor, with this I am planning on learn a lot, until I feel I can handle very good the helicopter before buying a real RC Helicopter, I know is not big enough but the Nano its gaining my attention so that will be a first or second, the other one I wish to have is gas powered and an electrical I saw here that fly like a bullet. Thanks in advance TURBO


This what made me want the Nano, hope is true I can fly the nano like the guy does on that youtube video lol
I saw a video of really big Heli flying really fast upside down well it was very impressive, I didn't know helis can be controlled like that. Turbo

#2 finguz Nov 05, 2012 09:28 PM

You have a lot to learn with helicopters :). You can pick a few different types of helicopters to learn on depending how much control you really want of the heli. Meaning the ones easy to control usually fly themselves mechanically (coaxial), which can be fun but gets boring quickly if you want more control of the heli (how it banks, etc). With more control (fixed pitch and collective pitch helis) however, the harder it becomes. You have to actually learn to fly these models. If you want to eventually go with something bigger with aileron control I suggest you look into a pc simulator. The sim will teach you loads and you'll never out grow it. There are a few free sims but you need a transmitter or the sim won't do any good. There are also a few usb only (won't actually transmit) tx's you can buy that will connect to a computer. Most of the free sims and usb tx's aren't the best but they'll get you started. A better sim would be phoenix, at $129.

There's a lot of great info on here as well, so browse around and learn as much as you can so you know what you're getting into :)

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