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#1 Extreme_RC Oct 28, 2012 06:53 PM

TOPGUNS new J10 Composite Turbine Jet!
Hey guys, Ricky has been hard at work on new composite models, and the first big jet is a J10! Makes sense I suppose ;)

This is almost 1.8m wingspan, and runs a Robbe 16kg turbine. The kit will be available in an almost ARF format, with turbine packaged together, undercarriage etc, all the scale stuff as a one box affair. Pricing will be announced very soon. We can ship them direct from the factory.

Here is some initial video of the test model:

J-10 + Robbe RP-160 (3 min 49 sec)

The next new jet on the way is a 2.1m long Mirage!! Yup an all composite Mirage which is being designed around my 127mm Alloy ramtec fan. Ricky has a fan unit on hand and I am hoping to get one of the first airframes so I can build a demo model with the new 800 series inrunner and try it out on both 12s and 14s :D

#2 Buzzlightyear71 Dec 17, 2012 06:50 PM

Mark, Thanks firstly for the prompt despatching of products, i did communicate with Ricky a few months back about composite jets as i was looking for a Mirage and especially an F4 ( hopefully) and i thought is this scale a little too big? I mean it would not be practical. Unless we move to perth and buy a big pickup truck i think we all have the same problem here on the east coast.
I would have thought jets to fill the gap in the market would have been more viable. A size between foam and turbine. I would have loved to see Ricky bringing out jets at 1.7 - 1.8 mtr in composite, then you can still transport them , they are larger than a foamy and dont have to go all out with power setups. I think the important thing for everyone would be getting them to the field and back.
I really thought that this size would really fill a void in the market while also being affordable and giving HTG lots of sales. Volume v's margin.
I dont know about others but i wouldnt hesitate with a mirage or F4 of 1.7-1.8 length but 2.1 and up seems too big.
Your thoughts , maybe you can see what Ricky thinks.
By the way the Tornado thrust stand works great. And also CS have just brought out the 70mm 12 blades with 7 stator housings. Just bought 4 from Hobby paradise. $16

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