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#1 gchrisgo34 Oct 26, 2012 10:15 PM

hobbyking namc ys-11
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apparently HK has dropped the "already low" price of this beauty again. i believe its around $70. fiberglass fueselage & what an awesome deal!! i cant believe they dont sell more of them, and theres hardly any info here on rcgroups about it. im going to install retracts. plan to run 3 and 4cell batts. im waiting to get the airframe before i order the motors, but im thinking, maybe 28 or 35mm motor, & from 1100 - 1450kv. counter rotating props. ive only found 1 or 2 old threads about this bird, any info or advice is appreciated. it was $95 awhile ago, & i thought that was an awesome deal, but now since they've lowered it to $70, i cant believe that theres not a whole thread full of posts. someone else buy one, and we'll build them together.

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