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#1 FyreSG Oct 25, 2012 12:52 PM

WLtoys V949 UFO Quad Mini-Review
It has been almost four months since I wrote a review on the WLtoys V929 Beetle Quad. As I’d make references to the original V929, please take a look at it before reading this review. I’d like to thank Aaron from Banggood.com for sending me a WLtoys V949 for the review. :)

The manual states that V949 is actually the “updated V929”, as well as the “second generation V929”. So how different is this quad from the first generation of the V929? Let’s find out!

Let’s get started!

The quad arrived in a simple foam box. The box is sturdy and all components are intact and in great condition.



The quad looks great without a sad face. The new canopy is sleek and modern.



But I do find the alien inside the canopy a little too kiddish for me. :)


Flipping the quad over reveals what’s underneath.


The booms are attached with tiny LED lights, which should be the greatest advantage of the V949 over the V929. The canopy also appears to be bigger than the Beetle canopy.

The board has eight sockets – four for motors, four for LED lights. The white text on the board reads 2012/07/30 REV:02 JR-WL-FD02R-1.


Booms with LEDs

Each front boom is fitted with a set of 4 x red LEDs.


Each rear boom is fitted with a set of multi-colored LEDs.


While in flight, the multi-colored LEDs at the rear blink (“running”) while the red LEDs at the front just shine brightly.


E728 Transmitter

The transmitter looks exactly the same as the TX that came with the V929, and the one that came with the V939. The V939 TX differs from the V929 that it comes with a working top-right button. It also emits a continuous beep when at 100% rate (stunt mode).

And in version, it is different from its predecessors again. It does not beep continuously at 100%. It does not flip at 100% with full stick movements. The top-right button does not activate auto-flip like the TX for V939. At rates higher than 40%, pressing and holding on to the top-right button, and apply aileron or elevator stick movements will activate flip in that direction. :eek: No more accidental flips at 100%! Perhaps it is possible to pull off manual flips at 100%! :eek: At sufficient height, it could flip consecutively as the flyer could just hold on to the button and continuously apply the desired stick movements. I’m truly impressed by the changes. It seems that WLtoys are listening to our cries for improvements. :) Great job!

I’m not sure if the improvements are applied on the new TX or coded on the new board, as I have not flown the quad with my V929 TX or my V939 TX, or tried the new TX with my V929 and V939.

Note: Please see the next post for updates!

Flight Experience

As I received the package late at night, I could not fly it indoors because the folks are sleeping. Good thing this quad comes with LEDs that allow me to fly it below my apartment, at 10pm. :o

I attached my “matured” V929 battery to the V949, and immediately, I was impressed by the lights. They look great at night! :eek: It’s way cooler than the 2 x green and 2 x blue LEDs on the V939.

As I increased the throttle, it occurred to me that the throttle response is more sensitive than the V929 – it lifted off the ground quicker and with less throttle input. It took me a short while to get used to the new throttle sensitivity.

The quad drifted to the front and left but I got that sorted out easily with 3 or 4 clicks of trim. As it was a windy night, I toggled to 60% rate.

Movements felt very similar to the V929. I couldn’t tell any difference in aileron or elevator controls between the two. However, the rudder of the V949 felt a little less sensitive than before. I’m not sure if the changes are caused by the new transmitter or the new board.

After hovering for a while to get some nice video shots, I took it for some high-speed action. As it zipped through the dimly lit street, it was apparent that my experienced was enhanced by the LEDs. I felt confident as I could clearly see where it was going. The lights allowed me see the state of the quad, so I could apply the right amounts of throttle, rudder, aileron, and elevator controls to keep it to the desired flight path. Did I mention that the LEDs looked great? It sure attracted a lot of attention, even at 10pm at night.


While the V949 is said to be just the second generation of the V929, the improvements over its predecessor are significant. The ability to fly at 100% without triggering accidental flips, and the stunning LED lights, simply makes this quad much better than the V929. It maintains the same good flying characteristics found on the V929 so someone familiar with that would find handling the V949 pleasantly familiar. The only gripe I have is the slightly higher cost but I expect the price to drop as the factory ramps up production. If you love your V929, then this is a worthy upgrade. If you haven’t gotten yourself a V929, you must get the V949! :D

+ No accidental auto flips at 100% rate
+ Stunning LED lights that work really well for night flight
+ Flies just as good as the V929
+ Modern and sleek canopy

- Slightly more expensive than the V929


WLtoys V949 UFO Quad - Second Flight (0 min 0 sec)

WLtoys V949 UFO Quad - Maiden Flight (At Night!) (0 min 0 sec)



Product Link: WLtoys V949 at Banggood.com

Photo Gallery (full resolution available): Flickr

#2 FyreSG Oct 25, 2012 12:53 PM

V929 Transmitter (without a working top-right button)

At 100%, it does not flip. There is no way to flip the quad.

V939 Transmitter (with a working top-right button)

At 100%, it does not flip. The only way to flip the quad is to press and hold the top-right button and apply full stick movements.

At 60%, holding the top-right button, and apply full stick movements, the quad flips.

As you hold on to the top-right button, keeping full stick movements will flip the quad consecutively. There are no pauses in between. At a height of 3 storeys, the quad will smash into the ground after 3 flips. It occurs really quick and real easy. You need to let go of the button or put the stick back to neutral once the flip begins, else, the next one will follow.

V949 Transmitter (with a working top-right button)

Contrary to the manual, it does not flip at 60% while holding on to the top-right button! Flips are only possible at 100% while holding on to that button.

Consecutive flips are harder to execute. Somehow, I had to hold on to the button, move the stick back and forth, to trigger the next flip. It is certainly unlike the V939.

V949 Transmitter paired with V929

At 100%, the V929 flips when the stick is moved fully. It was very sensitive but I don't remember if it was as sensitive as 100% on the V929 transmitter (I hardly fly at 100% to avoid accidental flips). At 60% on the V949 transmitter, the V929 feels significantly more sensitive than when it was paired up with the V949. I couldn't tell if 60% on the V949 transmitter meant 80% on the V929 transmitter; or the V949 board interpretes 60% as 50%, but the fact is the V929 was very sensitive at 60%. This can be evidently demonstrated when executing piros - V929 piros faster than the V949 at 60%. I did not test V929 transmitter with the V949 specifically on the flight characteristics. Maybe next time. :)

At 40%, it felt similar to 40% on the V929 transmitter.

Based on my experiences above, it appears that the V949 board is more than just a V929 board with LED sockets. ;)

#3 zippiz Oct 25, 2012 06:20 PM

Thanks for the nice review and great video. :)

Do you or anybody here know if it will be possible to turn the light on/off and do flips with the 9x controller?

#4 Daryoon Oct 25, 2012 09:53 PM

Sweet. Thanks for the nice review yet again!!!

Great photos!

#5 Heli Pad Oct 25, 2012 10:15 PM

Thanks to the informative review, FyreSG. I'm most interested in the "continuous flips". Let us know what you learn later.

Also, can you tell us how the LED strips are secured on the arms? Are they easily removable and re-attachable?

When you have a chance to fly during the day with some altitude, let us know how this bird do with vertical descent.

Thanks a bunch.


#6 Heli Pad Oct 25, 2012 10:18 PM

I was just telling Daryoon on another channel, I wish the two non-cascading light strips would be in different color, say one strip of red and one strip of green. That would help me a lot! Daryoon said that BG might sell different color LED strips. He might be right. I think I've seen something like that, too. Just don't know if they would be a drop in, and what color they are in. Anyone has any info along that line?

#7 FyreSG Oct 25, 2012 10:55 PM

Thanks for the compliments! :)

I'm worried about flipping over the tarmac. There are no large grassy field around here, so I'll need to venture further away from town.

As far as I can tell, the LED strips are taped to the booms. From my photos above, you see two translucent tapes at each end of the strip. The strips are not glued to the booms as they can be pushed around.

It's almost 12pm over here. Time for day flight and try flying it with my V929 and V939 transmitters! I'm gonna take a similar video but this one is in the day. :)

#8 Razors edge 29 Oct 25, 2012 11:27 PM

Does this tx only come mode 2?

#9 Heli Pad Oct 25, 2012 11:42 PM

Depends on the seller, I think you could specify what mode you want. Banggood lets you.

#10 Lithonion Oct 26, 2012 12:19 AM

Now I am really looking forward to mine. Great video!!! I will need to fly mine indoors as its been getting real cold here.

#11 FyreSG Oct 26, 2012 12:37 AM

I've updated the second post. Also added a daytime video in the first post.

Please check it out. :)

#12 rocco Oct 26, 2012 01:05 AM

I just received a spare v929 board 2012/07/30 REV:02 JR-WL-FD02R-1 same as yours and using my Turnigy 9x I can flip to the left and backwards (or is it forward? :confused:) but not to the other sides, I have endpoints @ 120%. I feel it more stable in low battery conditions and rudder is smoother so cordinated banked turns are now easier to perform and is also great for paning video shots. Woble of death on quick vertical descents is still there (and is normal) but can be avoided giving the quad some horizontal speed.


#13 Soul Reaver Oct 26, 2012 04:31 AM

Great... I look forward to receive mine! :)

#14 Razors edge 29 Oct 26, 2012 07:31 AM

Well mode 1 is what I fly

I have a trex 100.tx that may work

#15 FyreSG Oct 26, 2012 08:49 PM


Originally Posted by Razors edge 29 (Post 23104725)
Well mode 1 is what I fly

I have a trex 100.tx that may work

If I remember correctly, the Trex 100 transmitter has only 1 rate / sensitivity setting. I'm not sure if that is too low to fly the quad properly.

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