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        Build Log Ho XVIII

#1 Jon Snow Oct 21, 2012 04:29 PM

Well,I've run out of resin,and all resources this week are going on car tax,service and MOT test.
So,I have these wings blanks and templates I cut earlier this year so may as well do something with them.
The early parts of this are in the Q&A thread.
Centre section first,various cut outs for the pylons,electrics and joiner box in the mid one of the 3 layers of foam.
Once these are done I the airfoils will need cutting and the some design work to do on the pylons.
Some pics to follow

#2 Jon Snow Oct 21, 2012 04:46 PM

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First pic shows the 3 53mm sections of foam with the centre foil drawn on.
Next is the cut out for the pylon,and the result.The final two are the frame work for one of the batteries and two esc's.Each battery will power an edf in each pylon,cutting the chances of differential thrust.The channel is to take wiring for this,and servos out to the wings.

#3 Jon Snow Oct 28, 2012 04:39 AM

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More foam cutting.First is a slot in the wing to take the pylon,the cut outs will be reinstated before the profile is cut.Next few show the pylon blank and shaping till it sits in the wing.Not sure what I'll do with this next,slice it up to make ply formers or glass.

#4 Jon Snow Oct 30, 2012 02:38 AM

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I decided to slice and make ply formers.First three done,another two between these and probably two more fore and same aft.The centres need cutting out to clear the 60mm wheels,a pair of rails to support these and carry the hinge line still to sort.

#5 eflightray Oct 31, 2012 02:08 PM

Reference your question on U/C streamlining in the The Builders Workshop forum. I found this picture, (artists impression), if it helps -


#6 Jon Snow Oct 31, 2012 03:23 PM

Haven't seen than one,thanks
Regards Stuart

#7 Jon Snow Nov 04, 2012 09:20 AM

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Scratching out a pylon.The former shapes taken from slices through the foam blank.Another two to fit in,then the nose and tail.The wheels in the recess,spruce and balsa on the hinge line.Behind these is a slot for a carbon or alloy strip to take the axles.Sheet/plank with 2mm balsa,then fibre glass.Hopefully this will be strong enough,I may double up or reinforce some of the formers.

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