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#1 crd Oct 16, 2012 05:56 AM

5.8ghz 500mw VTX + 3.5" LCD 5.8ghz RX
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Guys I built this mini ground station monitor to use it in top of my radio for my R/C lawnmower project, but I'm switching frequencies on my plane and I need to change the frequency on this setup also.

1) VTX 5.8ghz 500mw compatible with RC305 5.8ghz RX's (set to channel 8)
2) VRX RC305 (installed inside the mini LCD Monitor)
3) 3.5" LCD Monitor with internal RC305 5.8ghz RX (set to channel 8)
4) DC Adapter for the LCD Monitor (12v)
5) Home made Cloverleaf antenna for the VTX (immersion connector style)

The VTX has some modifications done to it, it has a SMA "Immersion type" antenna connector soldered in place, it will work with antennas made for immersion rc VTX's, is set to ch8, it can be changed to other frequencies, the Camera DC power output diode got damage when I connected a camera cables inverted, so I bypassed the diode and used a jumper from the POS + battery connector to the POS+ Camera DC output. you can replace the diode if you want , for me it works excellent. (camera DC output is the same power you input your VTX, 11.1v in my case.

The 3.5" LCD Monitor is from an old Rear view camera system, I removed the internal 2.4ghz rx module and added the RC305 RX module inside, to change channels on the receiver you need to open the monitor, and if you want a second video output for goggles you need to open the monitor solder some wires to second video output of the RC305 rx module. SMA connector for the antenna is compatible with immersion rc style antennas. (see pictures)

$100 Shipped for all USA
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#2 IceWind Oct 17, 2012 05:16 AM

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