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#1 Lazman Oct 11, 2012 06:15 PM

Y6 Coaxial 600mm design
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II had a few ideas around building a Y6 coaxial design, I just finished and thought I would share.

Heavy lift Y6 - i wanted the frame to be able to handle 20lbs hanging from the center. Not that I plan on that yet.
Simple design with low part count. The main Y frame has 11 parts.
Easy to rebuild with low cost, aluminum extrusion and flat plate for main structure (for the frame, the motors and such cost a bit).
I was also frustrated with most kits made today, many have 200 screws and nuts.

My idea:
Build a frame using high strength 2 sided tape with coaxial motors in a 600mm frame.

I have tested the frame with 20lbs hanging from it, surprizingly strong. Total lift capacity should be between 25 to 30 lbs. Total weight with 11000 mah lipo is 7 lbs, ready to fly. There are only 12 screws in it, they are to attach the motors. It took about an hour to assemble the frame, of course wiring took longer.

Turned out far better than I had hoped and learned that my MakerBot is capable of creating structural pieces.

Flight videos coming asap.

Interested in feedback as always.

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