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#1 gazoid Oct 10, 2012 04:01 PM

Possible transmitter/receiver problem
I recently bought my first RC boat and all was working fine.
After a few weeks use i had a problem where in mid use contact between boat/handset was lost.
After the boat was recovered i discovered there was a leak and nothing was working.
I stripped the boat and left to dry. It now works fine apart from the range between handset and boat is about 6ft!
Does this sound like a faulty/water damaged transmitter if so are they easy to change?

#2 bgnome Oct 10, 2012 07:45 PM

in short?


it would be helpful to know what boat and equipment you have. the fact that it's working at all is actually a good sign and what has mostly likly happened is that there is a short somewhere on the reciver board caused be the water exposure and it drying off leaving a minieral deposit between traces, or a resistor or diode shorted out and failed.

#3 Apismelifera Oct 10, 2012 08:44 PM

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At this point you have nothing to loose by taking the receiver out and cleaning it. Take it out of the case. If it has a removable crystal that is plugged into a socket, then unplug the crystal.

1) Rinse the receiver, crystal, and case off under the faucet, a gentle stream is all that is required. Cold or slightly warm. While under the tap brush it with a clean paint brush or soft tooth brush to loosen and remove any dirt and dried mineral deposits. Do not scrub real hard. Be gentle. After the bath. You can shake it to remove most of the water on it. Does not need to be totally dry.

2) Clean the receiver in a dish or bowl with some 90% or better isopropyl rubbing alcohol. The alcohol will further remove dirt and other contaminates. The alcohol will also absorb any remaining water on the receiver board. Did the alcohol in the bowl get really dirty during the cleaning process? If it did, you can repeat step 2 with some fresh alcohol.

3) You can speed the drying process with a hair dryer on the no heat setting, you only need the moving air stream to dry the alcohol.

Let it sit out unasembeled in a warm spot all night. In the morning put it all back together and try it.

#4 mfr02 Oct 11, 2012 04:35 AM

The boat electronics getting wet will do nothing to the transmitter. If the receiver is a separate unit from the ESC and steering servo, it is probably a replaceable unit if it does not respond to Apismelifera's procedure in #3. If all of the electronics is one unit, then it becomes a complete replacement project.
It helps if we know what band it works in.

#5 SUGAR COATED Oct 11, 2012 05:41 PM

Low voltage on either the receiver or transmitter or both, can cause the short range. Again, it is helpful to know what radio/ system you are using. A non conductive contact cleaner(spray can) also works to clean the board. (Radio Shack or?)
Mount your receiver so it can only get wet if the boat sinks (you get the idea:))
Much Luck

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