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#1 DBono99 Oct 10, 2012 09:43 AM

Lipo for my TX
Hi All I would like to know who in the US sells Lipo's for TX's?
I have (2) Futuba TXs that I would like to change over too Lipo's.

Thanks Dan

#2 Ken Myers Oct 10, 2012 09:46 AM


You are going to hear it a lot, but Sanyo Eneloops are a much better choice. Do a search here on RC Groups for Eneloop for more info. Use what you want, but Eneloops, to me are a much better solution.


Here's a little something I wrote up for the November Midwest RC Society newsletter on this topic.

Li-Poly Use as Transmitter Batteries

Some folks have been using Li-Pos as transmitter batteries. That is probably not the BEST use for them, since they may require a voltage regulator, must be removed for charging and if a transmitter is accidentally left turned on, the battery will be ruined.

Sanyo Eneloop low self-discharge (LSD) cells are excellent for use in transmitters. They have a high capacity (2000mAh), hold their charge for weeks and can be charged with the transmitter's "wall wort" charger.

Eneloops are available at COSTCO or pre-made packs are available at No BS Batteries or Radical RC.

Ray'O' Vac call their version of LSD NiMH cells a Hybrid.

#3 pilotpete2 Oct 10, 2012 11:54 AM

Hi Ken,
Good advice for older legacy radios that use an 8 cell pack, but the newer radios that use a 6 cell Nimh pack are a different story, only the opening the battery compartment to access the balance tap is an issue to some.
I have the low voltage warning on my Futaba 8FG set to 7.4V, a bit higher than necessary for a 2S pack, but if I were to forget and leave the Tx on, at 5.5V, the radio will power itself down to protect the memory from being scrambled. The 2S Lipo made for the 8 & 12FG radios from Value Hobbies is 1/3rd the price of a new Sanyo pack of 2150mAh Nimh, no Enyloopers in the 4/5A size cell size as yet.
Of course the new Spektrum radios even have the Lipo charging capability in the radio wit an optional Lipo pack. Somehow, charging a 4000mAh Lipo inside the radio at a rate that makes unattended charging unavoidable doesn't give me a warm fuzzy feeling, but that's just me. I charge my 2500mAh Tx lipo at the field, on a charging table during lunch with one of my Cellpros, quick and safe:)
Ken, from your Avatar I'm sure you're familiar with the song "The times, they are a' changin"


#4 dgolding Oct 10, 2012 11:47 PM

Ken, Pete.....very good, informative answers for Dan! Here's a sales pitch for Dan! I had the concerns that Ken raises 4 years ago when I wanted to convert my Tx's over to Lipo. So I designed a board that addresses the Lipo issues and is specifically designed to allow use of 3-cell Lipo in a 9.6V Transmitter! It keeps the maximum voltage to your Tx less than 12V on a fully charged pack, and when the pack reaches 9V it cuts the battery off so it does not ruin itself if you leave the Tx switch on accidentally all weekend! If you lave a TX switch on, the electronics still tries to "draw" current from the battery. By the way, it won't shut off your Tx during use, because your Low Voltage alarm will come on, and your LCD display will go blank long before the 3-cell pack gets down to 9V. I've sold a couple hundred of them so far and everyone loves them! The "dime-sized" board plugs in between the battery and your Tx. Search Li-Po Power Board on e-bay. I'll be selling those boards and a Smart Soft Switch (for safely using 2-cell Lipos in flight pack) at the 2012 Tucson Aerobatic Shoot Out next weekend!


#5 dgolding Oct 11, 2012 12:12 AM


Originally Posted by DBono99 (Post 22962354)
Hi All I would like to know who in the US sells Lipo's for TX's?
I have (2) Futuba TXs that I would like to change over too Lipo's.

Thanks Dan


Sorry....none of us actually answered your original question!! Take a look at this link. There are others, too. Search for Transmitter Lipo Battery Pack and you will find more.



#6 DBono99 Aug 15, 2013 07:21 PM

HI All I went with Sanyo Eneloops. I was at a show and some one had them for sale, at a price I could not refuse,... I purchased the 2200,I haven't used them yet, they were purchased in Nov.I will get around to putting a plug and charge them.
Thanks Dan

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