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#1 NotFastEnuf Oct 09, 2012 09:10 PM

walkera 2602 tx and dynam rx
Just thought I would share what I consider some awesome info. The walkera 2602 transmitter will bind to a dynam Rx. I picked up this transmitter used for 30 bucks and flipped when I got home to find it linked up to the 12 dynam receivers that were already in my planes!!!! The dynam Rx is usually around 14 bucks at nitroplanes and this cheap walkera tx has tight ball bearing sticks. I searched the net everywhere and no one has ever posted this so I felt I must share the info. Range is awesome too ... I take my meteor with an eflight 80mm straight up till its a spec in the sky. I also fly an electrified 10s giant stinger 84" at 23lbs. Over a year now and never a glitch.

Why is this so important .... As soon as funds are right. I will have a devo 8 on the way to hack with the deviation firmware!!!! This means 14 dollar Rx for the devo using the backwards compatible 2602 protocol!!!!! The dynam is a 7ch Rx so maybe even 2801 protocol will work and make use of one more channel. Thanks to everyone working on deviation!!! Because of your work ... Everything I have will stay in the sky as long as I can keep pilot error to a minimum!!!!

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