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#1 atppilot Oct 08, 2012 11:17 PM

New to RC
Hey everyone, I attempted to do some searching on the site before I asked my question but I feel that my questions are so broad that there was no one question that really helped me.

I am new to the RC world. Not too long ago I purchased an AR.Drone 2.0 and thought it was pretty fun to fly. I purchased the "Macgyver Mod" to make it controllable by remote control. The receiver and transmitter were included in the purchase. I have become proficient flying with the transmitter instead of an Iphone and can even fly with the front of the aircraft facing me. I want to move forward in my RC experiences and would like to start flying a quad or hex rotor. I was looking at a DJI F450 or 550 arf kit. The problem is I really don't understand the whole transmitter/receiver relationship. I know that I need 4 ch/6 ch on a quad/hexa but how many more do I need on top of that? I also noticed people talk about "Modes" and "switches" on their transmitters, what are these? I was thinking about putting a DJI GPS on my F450/550 do I need an extra Chanel for this? My main lack of understand comes from features of a trasnmitter and reciever. (Gain,CH, Modes,Switches etc) Can you help me learn to understand this new and exciting hobby?

Thanks everyone I really appreciate it.

If you know of a thread that would help instead of an answer please feel free to post it!

#2 denodan Oct 08, 2012 11:46 PM

Unless you got experience with electronics, or understand how to fix them, which comes with experience stay away from kits in the time being. If you read these forums, many who have put kits together have trouble setting them up, etc. A kit is not as straight forward as it sounds.

Go for a complete setup, minimum set-up only, like a witespy Quad.

I have the New Lotus 580P+, the older ones had trouble, but fine now,also a Walkera MX400, so either of these are a good upgrade from the Drone, and being bigger will fly differently.

#3 metap0Pe Oct 09, 2012 01:13 AM

Mode 1 has the throttle stick (non centering stick) on the right side, mode 2 have it on the left side:)

These threads might help you a bit:



Regards, a fellow noob

#4 tmproff Oct 09, 2012 10:26 AM

As to the channels, you'll need the 4 basic ones (aileron,elevator,throttle,rudder) plus you will probably want at least 1 more (aux) to turn on/off the autolevel / gps / barometer. You can put them all on separate channels, but on mine, I put them all on a single switch on the transmitter.

As to which transmitter to buy, people seem to really be happy with the new Turnigy 9x. Pretty cheap and has 9 channels (more than enough). There's a huge thread on it if you do a search.

#5 Dietr777 Oct 09, 2012 12:41 PM


Im gonna piggy back on what tmproff said. TRANSMITTER, TRANSMITTER, TRANSMITTER... I am still in the rookie class when it comes to RC things but I invested the money into a new Spektrum DX8 with the DSMX system and on board telemetry. I could not be happier. They are definitely a little pricier then the radios you can get from HobbyKing but this thing does everything you will ever need. I will never need to buy another controller again.

Just my two cents..

#6 denodan Oct 10, 2012 05:30 AM

I use a Devo 12s, great Transmitter, easy to use, and read, also, unlike many TX and Receivers, don't need a binding plug to bind them, as Walkera devo and recieivers auto bind.

Had a spektrum DX6, and the Devo12s have Telemetry built into it. The Devo TX is much more advanced and easier to read menus, and with touch screen faster in getting around the features.

While Spektrum TX's are good, and loved my, love the Devo much better, now would not go back to using a Spektrum TX.

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