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#1 dankar04 Oct 08, 2012 04:05 PM

Walkrea Ladybird dies in flight new bird !!
I been flying 4 ch f/p helis/ V929's and like quads big time. Wanted the Ladybird V1 as I have Devo 7 TX. So I bought a bnf l/bird from T-mart. Recieved it less than 2 weeks ago and flew it several times and all is great. Today flying for a minute it falls to my bed. Stone dead. Fresh battery/ nada !! I wanted the real deal not a clone and the Walkrea bird just dies. There is no damage to it as I am very careful. Now to fight online vendor. Sent message but this should not happen with a new bird. I had plans on buying two more Walkrea produts and will change to something else. Ckecked conection and all looks fine. Everything was working fine in flight. Don't have a clue what T-mart will do. Hope I don't have a parts quad, because of sloppy. Anybody have this type failure ?

#2 dankar04 Oct 09, 2012 10:48 PM

Anybody have problem with Walkrea 1 cell conector? Took a look and no visible damage to board maybe faulty conector. I was quite happy with Walkrea stuff doing pretty good, but never had a bird fall from flight on its own. Real shame is V1 really is a great flyer and handles great. Online dealings sure has its bad side. To be honest I expected a clone to fail before original L/bird.. I guess stuff happens.

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