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#1 SkyCadet Oct 08, 2012 10:45 AM

Beast flying sweet! 260mAh NTs are awesome!!
I won't normally be commenting on every flight I have here on this blog, but I thought that this information may be of use to some of you who are considering or who own already an AS3X-capable 2S micro.

This is the 6th flight of the new Turnigy NT 260mAh 2S batteries (HK# 9210000083) that I recently received for use in the Beast UMX.

These are fabulous batteries! I get totally unlimited vertical with this plane over the duration of the flight, even closer to 8 minutes of moderate to high throttle use (55-70%). :D Even in 20km/h wind, this plane just rockets upward with no issue at all, despite my mods adding about ~5-6g or so of extra weight altogether (Dubro wheels, whiteglue coating, tray mod, and the 260s).

My two flights at 3C with a 10-18km/h wind this morning went no problem to 8.5 minutes, and the plane handled everything as expected. Landings were nice on the short, dry grass, with a tiny hop and I was down. My second flight, in which mid flight on a low pass over a knoll I accidently cut throttle about 2 feet up, bounced off the nose and gear and the plane was fine. Not even a scratch! Given the temperature, I was expecting something. Nada. :cool:

The Deans 3MCs are superb for connecting and disconnecting these batteries to the plane. Any 2S micro system I get will probably use these from now on. They are foolproof, work well, and hold well. The pins are much larger than those on the stock system, which should translate to better current delivery and lower contact resistance.

The only challenge I am having wiht this plane is getting good touchdowns without bouncing or flipping over. I am getting it, but the plane's springy gear really adds to the challenge. I fly mostly on short grass, but do fly on asphalt (local BBall court) when the wind favors that area. Today, a west wind with 22km/h gusts did not allow decent flying at the court - it's tight in some places, and westerly approaches are a challenge due to shrubs and trees near the far end of the court. Hey, it's still a new plane for me, and I just don't wish to tank it into the pavement before really enjoying it - soft grass that's short can be just as challenging without scuffing the plane! :rolleyes:

Anyway, for those looking at getting good bang for the buck, these 260s are superb batteries. Lots of good flight times available. I guess that 5-6 min of 3D would be the norm here. Certainly 8-9 min sport flying is no issue, even nearly in freezing weather! At ~$5/each, they are a superb deal from HobbyKing.

Smooth and steady skies!


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