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        Help! Mountain Models Majestic boom tubes

#1 DrlSgt Oct 07, 2012 07:21 PM

Mountain Models Majestic boom tubes
So I purchased this Majestic on Ebay and there are 2 booms in the kit. The seller says that the carbon boom is the replacement for the f.g. boom.

My question is:

The carbon boom is smaller in diameter and shorter than the fg boom and really smaller at the tail end, does anyone have experience with the replacement boom and can you tell me about mounting the tail feathers onto the much smaller boom?

I know someone out there has the answer.


#2 DrlSgt Oct 09, 2012 10:10 PM

B.D. carbon replacement boom
The Bubble Dancer boom is 36 inches long with a taper of about 3/4 inches to about 3/8 inches, give or take. The original boom is 40.250 long and tapers down to .725 o.d. at the tail. I will build the tail planes 4.000 longer as per the Drela mods. I would really like some feedback about using the shorter Buble Dancer boom with some ideas on how to mount the tail to the boom as it's really much smaller in diameter than the original boom. Photos would really be great.

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