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#1 SuperFlyer Oct 07, 2012 12:33 PM

Velineon 540XL Outrunner Equivalent
Hello RCGroups,

I'm looking for an outrunner brushless motor which has similar specifications to the Traxxas Velineon 540XL used on the Spartan. (Similar in terms of RPM and torque relationship mostly).

I ask this because I'm building a shallow water "torpedo" mock-up and for this, a waterproofed outrunner is ideal. (The open nature of an outrunner allows the motor to dry out easily after use). I want one with equivalent specs to the Velineon so that I can easily take off-the-shelf parts for the Spartan such as the prop and drive cog and use them with confidence on this motor. A mismatched motor/prop combination would not offer reliable performance and spending time trying to find a prop for some arbitrary outrunner would be too much effort for what it's worth.

Cost, size, and weight are really not an issue. However, the motor shaft should be able to accept the Spartan drive cog either alone or with a bushing.

Outrunners work nicely underwater after a dip in conformal coating, and the typical "plus sign" mounting bracket is great for mounting them to the PVC cap at the back end of my model. The model will use two motors side by side to cancel the torque reaction, and steering will be controlled by four independently steered rudders projecting radially out from the circular hull of the model. I'm currently in the process of sourcing some pneumatic swivel fittings that will allows the rudders to be turned from a servo inside hull without creating leakage.

Thanks for all the help,

#2 pompebled Oct 09, 2012 05:45 AM

Hi Mark,

Did you ask these questions in the submarine forum?
It's likely you'll get more and adequate respons there...

Regards, Jan.

#3 nick_75au Oct 09, 2012 07:14 AM

Have you considered that the Spartan is a surface drive where as the "torpedo" is a submerged drive, this changes the game. considerably. ;) The motor in the sparten is a 1600 Kv, which unless you are using low voltage (6-7.4 V) is way to fast for a sub surface drive or will need a very small prop.

Without knowing the exact specs of what you require, here is a good reliable sub surface setup, 1000 Kv 28 mm diameter outrunner, something like a KA22-20 or any motor with similar diameter and KV, 40 mm Rivabo or Raboesch prop, a 20 amp speed control, run this on 6 to 7.4 volts for very low amp draw or 10-12 volts for very quick(for a sub surface vehicle) performance.


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