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#1 ElectroAviator Oct 06, 2012 12:23 PM

Guillow Lancer RC Conversion
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I just finished my first conversion of a Guillow's kit to radio control flight.

I decided on the Lancer. The Lancer looked like an interesting design, with enough room for the ParkZone electronics and geared electric motor.

The Lancer is easy to build, but a bit fragile for RC flight. I added some fuselage balsa side panels, ply bracing for the landing gear and some balsa filler at the wing root area. Total weight was right at two ounces.

The Lancer fuselage is narrow, so I installed the ParkZone ESC brick vertically, along a fuselage side. The motor fit in the nose perfectly, no mods required. Keep an eye on the CG with the long nose moment. I had to add a bit of tail weight, even working to keep the electronics and battery as far aft as able.

I used So-Lite iron on covering (from Mountain Models). So-Lite worked just great. Not too much shrinkage, and the covering adds a lot of strength to the finished airframe.

The Lancer flies great indoors. The polyhedral wing provides lots of stability. The model was a bit sensitive to rudder on the first flight. The wing offers so much stability, best technique is to "bump" the rudder, just don't hold too long in place.

I am very happy with this Guillow conversion, and look forward to future projects!

Guillow Lancer RC Model Airplane (2 min 17 sec)

#2 joker24458 Oct 08, 2012 03:19 PM

Nice conversion!:) Still havent converted my 51...:rolleyes:


#3 sknubel Nov 12, 2012 12:40 PM

Nice conversion ElectroAviator!!! I have a couple of questions...

I am doing the same project, have already bought my kit. I was looking at your photos and paying attention to the stab and rudder. It appears you did not add material to the ends of each, but rather "split" them in half. What did you use for the "new" trailing edge of the stab and leading edge of the elevator? Looks like spare balsa, correct?

Also, where did you get the electronics? Are you able to order them from somewhere, or did they come out of another project....Can you post a parts list and perhaps where you purchased them?

What is meant by the wing root area....where you added balsa filler?

thanks!!! I will post some photos as I work.

#4 glewis Nov 12, 2012 05:01 PM

Nice conversion! Looks to fly like it might be a tad bit tail heavy. Did you use the free flight CG?
I just picked one of these up at the LHS to build with my grandson. I like the way you mounted the rx on its side, I might have to 'borrow' that idea. :)


#5 rcminiman Nov 14, 2012 08:42 AM

Move yer CG forward a little. She's way too tail heavy. Thats why you get the ground-loop problems on takeoff.

Fine wee plane tho, keep up the good work.

#6 sknubel Nov 26, 2012 01:49 PM

Stab and Rudder question
How did you deal with the elevator and rudder? Did you just move the whole stab back, so the elevator would clear the rudder. Then trim the rudder, so there was enough room for it to move freely/

#7 ElectroAviator Dec 08, 2012 07:16 PM


Apologies for this late reply. Work items and such . . .

I kept the stab and rudder right at the same locations as on the plan. I made a 45 degree angle cut to the rudder to allow for up elevator. Nothing scientific, but worked out just fine.


#8 ElectroAviator Dec 08, 2012 07:30 PM


More info to answer your questions. To make both the rudder and elevator, I just "split" the vertical and horizontal tail surfaces, and used scrap balsa to make an edge. The edge was beveled to allow for rudder and elevator movement, and simple tape hinges used.

I use the ParkZomne motor, ESC brick and battery. The components can be ordered at the Stevens Aeromodel website (do a Google search). Bob Stevens has a section of models dedicated for the ParkZone equipment. I usually go to the Pietenpol airplane section, and then the tab of "other equipment used to complete" where you can easily order all items (to include the props).

For the wing root area, I just meant the wing section that is over the fuselage section. Looked like it needed a bit more strength.

Look forward to any photos you can share!



#9 ElectroAviator Dec 08, 2012 07:31 PM


I used the free flight CG location. It was odd, right at the wing trailing edge. I figured the Guillows folks must have some idea on the reason for that location, maybe due to the lifting stab. Seems to work fine for me.


#10 ElectroAviator Dec 08, 2012 07:34 PM


Appreciate the update. I think the CG is in the right location. The Lancer flies really well, with good pitch response. I think the reason for the ground loops on takeoff is the silly-extreme forward location of the landing gear. Not quite sure what I was thinking as I bent the music wire, as the wheels are way too far forward. My main concern was ensuring prop clearance from the ground. For any future build, I'd locate the landing gear a bit further aft.


#11 sknubel Jan 03, 2013 01:21 PM

Thanks Electro...Have not been working on it, busy with the Holidays but plan on getting going on it soon...Thanks for the info!!!

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