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#1 HoosierGuy Oct 04, 2012 10:54 PM

What TX Do You Use for Electric Gliders?
What TX do you all use for your electric gliders? How many channels do you use on a regular basis and how many mixes, etc... do you use?

As for me - my electric glider is the Lanyu Evolution and I fly that with my DX6i. I don't use flaps but I could with my DX6i. My DX6i would be perfect but it has no telemetry and no light behind the screen.

I really like my DX6i and it's a great beginners radio. I'm very close to deciding on upgrading to a DX8 because I want telemetry now and also lighted screen.

I'm interested in knowing what everyone else uses.

#2 JimNM Oct 04, 2012 11:30 PM

FWIW, I have found telemetry to be of limited utility in flight. My radio shows battery voltage but I rarely check it. Whiz bang is what I call that .

Hitec A9. 6 or 7 channels, up to 5 mixes and 4 flight modes..

#3 ssulti Oct 05, 2012 12:47 AM

Turnigy 9X, with open9X firmware and FrSky telemetry modules. Including telemetry mod to 9X so all information is shown on radio screen. And also norma extras like backlight and haptic mods.

Had no troubles while I was flying with stock 9X V2 RX/TX module set, but decided to buy FrSky to get telemetry - mostly due variometer and voltage information - and alerts because I probably won't be watching screen while flying.

Using this set to fly my Phoenix 2000 and created full-house mixing to it with camber/reflex/butterfly mixes and flight mode delays (open9x feature). I'll send that config if someone like to check it or test it out. Just pop an PM. :)

#4 jiexiang007 Oct 05, 2012 02:58 AM

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#5 aeajr Oct 05, 2012 03:53 AM

I use a DX5e to fly my Radian. No mixes.

Futaba 9C Super to fly Easy Glider and Sky Runner. Both are aileron gliders with no flaps.

mixes- flapperon, aileron diff, variable camber/reflex on side slider, flapperon to elevator fo landing mix.

#6 Piper J3 Oct 05, 2012 05:29 AM

DX8 here. Been doing this since 1975 and I'll be Spektrum now until the end. The 8 has telemetry and all the bells and whistles. Flew my Sensor 117 3-meter sailplane today to 2654' altitude with only 14 missing frames and zero holds. 2654' is 1/2 mile straight up. That's confidence. Model match, telemetry with flight log to monitor RF link, ease of programming, backlight display, auto timer start, vibrator for warnings (I wear two hearing aides), DSMX, smooth gimbals, LiPo compatible with super long run time, excellent support. All this for ~ $400.:D

#7 Leadchucker Oct 05, 2012 07:22 AM

Used Hitec Optic 6's for the last 5 years or so,they worked just fine even in the full house ships. Upgraded to the A9 this summer basically just to upgrade. I haven't needed all the additional capability yet but do find the touch screen much easier to fiddle with and I like the display. Main reasons for using the Hitec TX's is I like the layout and the feel of the Optics and A9, they fit my hands just right and are very comfortable to me.
Like Jim I find telemetry of limited value so far but it's nice to have in case I want to fool with it in something. I might employ the altitude telemetry when Hitec finally issues the module for it, however I'm not sure it will be legal to have it in operation in ALES contest. It could be considered a vario type link if you dare to look at it while in flight.

#8 pda4you Oct 05, 2012 07:26 AM

DX18 for me - it has sliders and I like that for gliders and electric gliders for flaps and crow.

#9 timography Oct 05, 2012 07:40 AM

I started back into R/C aircraft only about 12 months ago. I bought a DX7s at the time and I have stuck with it so far. It works well enough - even with full-house programming for camber, reflex and flaps and crow. The only real disadvantage for me is, as I still fly powered aircraft as well and want to keep everything the same - so I keep the throttle where it belongs on the stick, but Crow is on the gear switch; so its either on or off. But I'm used to it now and I don't really see it as too much of a problem... well at least that's what I'll tell myself until the day I can afford a DX18 lol.

I have telemetry installed in all my aircraft and I have gotten quite used to taking quick peeks at the screen on the DX7s whilst I am flying - even specked out in a thermal - to see my current altitude and main flight battery/Rx voltages...

my 2c's worth... :o

#10 Hawksnest Oct 05, 2012 08:05 AM

I fly all JR since 1990, currently a JR 9503, and a JR 12 X. both 50 model memory. Bill G.

#11 kilwein Oct 05, 2012 08:19 AM

Had Cirrus, JR then Futaba 9ZHPS now Futaba 14MZ, use 3-12 channels, ET tele in a few of the planes.
Have 4 sliders 3 knobs, 8 switches, 6 trim controls along with the two sticks for lots of flexibility. Flaps on stick and slider, camber, reflex, crow all on sliders and or switches. Lots of model memory, 16K+ models, we wish.
Have mixing within mixing within mixing if you want to go there. Plus many other programming features. It is over kill but it is nice. Many ways to do same things, programming fun to be had.

Bottom line lots of good computer radios out there, find one that fits your current and future needs along with cost, get it and don't look back. If you can look at a buddies and get a hands on try that is nice. Other thing is if you are learning you may consider the brand most are using where you fly. Programming hell could be a issue on some. Having a buddy copy his program and dump it in yours could save some setup time, especially if you buy his old plane or get one like it. Some of the brands have online instruction manuals you can download and get a good look on it.

#12 Esprit Model Oct 05, 2012 09:14 AM

This one is mine with full telemetry and tons of very interesting features.

My Albatros 3E and new 16-channel Jeti DS-16 transmitter with built in Variometer.


Zb/Esprit Model

Jeti Telemetry Variometer w/DC-16 Radio (4 min 10 sec)

Jeti Duplex Telemetry Vario & Mezon Application
Jeti Duplex Telemetry Vario & Mezon Application (7 min 24 sec)

#13 raineswn Oct 12, 2012 10:51 AM

Just getting back into the hobby after a few years out.
My preference is electric launch sailplanes, V-tail and spoilerons.
Going back to a Multiplex Cockpit MM...does everything I want and I really, really like the servo travel limit setting. :)
Probably convert it to 2.4ghz at some point.
Too bad they didn't get the new SX type certified in the States.
Bill R

#14 B12 Oct 12, 2012 11:16 AM

Flysky TH-9X with ER9X, backlight and Frsky DJT telemetry module.
Turnigy 9x with ER9X, backlight, stock AFHDS module.

11-20 mixes and 5-8 channels in use depending on model.

Staufenbiel Vitesse 3m full house all-rounder
Topmodel Prelude 2,5m full house thermal floater
Orion V3 warmliner
V-max eco warm(er)liner


The only real disadvantage for me is, as I still fly powered aircraft as well and want to keep everything the same - so I keep the throttle where it belongs on the stick, but Crow is on the gear switch; so its either on or off. But I'm used to it now and I don't really see it as too much of a problem... well at least that's what I'll tell myself until the day I can afford a DX18 lol.
I solved this by following mix (ER9X):

The throttle is where it should be. When I flip throttle cut it cuts the throttle and turns the throttle stick into flap/crow control. From bottom to middle it only lowers the flaps and after that it starts to raise the ailerons for crow/butterfly.

#15 tkallev Oct 13, 2012 01:55 AM

JR 12X ... 7 channel RX for full house e-sailplanes.

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