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        Sold FLASHED HobbkyKing F-30A ESCs with SimonK with bootloader enabled

#1 TheFernMan Oct 03, 2012 08:50 AM

FLASHED HobbkyKing F-30A ESCs with SimonK with bootloader enabled
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9x HobbyKing F-30A @ $15 each

"Standard ESCs are actually not designed for multirotor applications. They are programmed to increase and decrease the throttle command towards the motor in a gentle way. The reason for this is quite obvious. Imagine a motor accelerating and decelerating so abruptly in a helicopter or car... it would damage the gears and reductions in no time. In a multirotor application, we really want just the opposite. The goal is to change the motor speed, and thus the thrust, as fast as possible to achieve a perfectly stable platform.

While the current ESCs used in most multrotor applications work considerably well, there is a lot of room for improvement. Using the same ESC, but loading it with dedicated optimized software, will increase the handling and stability of your multirotor greatly.

We call this RapidESC: converting your regular lazy ESC into a high speed capable speed controller at no extra cost, ready for multirotor applications."

These are one of the best types of ESCs for the SimonK firmware. Read first post here

All N-Fet:
"The ESCs which use only N-channel FETs have the advantage of lower resistance, less losses and hence more efficiency."*

External Oscillator:
"An external oscillator may supply a more consistent timing signal and steadier motor speeds" "but the internal rc oscillator ones will drift quite a bit based on temperature."*

HobbyKing F-30A Tested and flashed with SimonK with bootloader enabled so you can flash them in the future thought the servo cable with the USB linker from HobbyKing. I cut a little flap out and use clear tape to cover the opening. You can barely tell.

Selling them for $15 each ESC plus shipping US shipping only.

If you're interested send me a PM so I get proper shipping with your address. I'll be doing USPS shipping. It's $5.50.

Any question feel free to ask.

What is RapidEsc (Simonk firmware)
All N-Fet Design
External Oscillators

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