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Huckfest National Tour 2012: The Lodi, CA Visit


The Huckfest was once again held in Lodi, CA this year for its Northern CA stop and pilots came up from Southern California and down from Oregon and Washington. Huckfest features GIANT planes flying 3D. E-Power was present as well Chief from Oregon with thousands of dollars worth of kits and parts. While the event started on Thursday it really got rolling on Friday and peaked on Saturday. This article is really just a picture and video show featuring the planes that flew Saturday morning. I made no notes on the pilots or planes I just shot pictures and video of some beautiful planes. I hope you enjoy the show. (Double click on any picture to see it in a much larger rendering.)

The next three pictures are of the supplies that Chief Aircraft brought down from Oregon. While I have know of them for years and have meant to stop by on one of our family drives up to visit family to Portland, the time has never been quite right. However, I did hear several of the pilots singing their praises about how good their service is and how helpful they have been on the phone in helping pilots get the right parts they need. While they were here they were easily the largest hobby shop for RC in the Lodi/Stockton area as the boxes of planes shows. that and we relly don't have an RC hobby shop in Lodi or Stockton.


Huckfest Video 1


Huckfest Video 2



There was a lot more to the Huckfest that I didn't have a chance to report. I showed flying from the main runway but foamies were being hand flown behind us out to the west. There was a great hamburger/cheeseburger lunch for $5.00 with lettuce, tomatoes and onions available which in Minnesota we called a California burger but they don't use that expression here in California. There was night flying in front of flood lights and there was a banquet on Saturday night followed by more night flying. If you haven't made it to a Huckfest yet I strongly recommend you visit one next year if it comes to a town near you. Warning:Giant planes can be addicting.

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