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#1 polisman1941 Oct 01, 2012 02:52 AM

200A ESC from LeaderHobby with problems ?
Dear Community , is there any other like me to have problems with there esc's ?


I have bought many (countless maybe ) . But the last three I have bought were a complete disaster. :mad::mad::mad::mad:
Althought I onl y bench tested them , one after the other , theey kept burning in my hands !!!
The strange thing is that older ones I have are very strong and robust . These newer are abviously wrong.
Do you have any information about this matter? Is there any other supplier of low budget 150-200A esc's which are tested and proved to bee robust?

#2 pompebled Oct 01, 2012 04:27 AM

Hi Athens (got a first name?),

The problem with these low budget ESC's is the poor workmanship and the lack of quality control.

I also use these ESC's and I always remove the heatshrink to check if the Fets are all touching the watercooler.
Usually less than 30% of the Fets has physical contact, so if your ESC looks like this, it's no wonder they go 'poof' when you draw more than 30% of the rated power:
The light spots are where the Fets touched the cooler...

Once sanded into one plane, the ESC's work fine.

I also got some Hi-Model ESC's, they also suffer from the same lack of quality control and poor assembly, make sure to check them prior to using them.

Regards, Jan.

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