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#1 kenh3497 Sep 29, 2012 08:39 AM

Strip planking
I found this a year or so ago. I had tried strip planking way back in the day and had no success. This article changed everything. It works slick and is not all that time consuming. I would suggest cutting a bunch of strips first so you don't have to stop application to cut each new strip.




#2 discostu956 Sep 29, 2012 06:44 PM

So the strips bend sideways as well to make them butt up properly. Do I have that right?

Or, will they not have to bend, just warp, cause you started with a straight one?

Interesting, makes it look easy

#3 kenh3497 Sep 30, 2012 09:24 AM

The strips are narrow enough to bend sideways. As an example... You start on the right side and ad a strip. Then add one to the left side. By going back and forth the stresses of the layup are equalized and the wood strips are "mixed up" so in the end it is stronger than the original piece of wood.

It took me about 30 minutes to lay up the area behind the firewall of the CAP in my avatar. That is after I figured out how to do it:o That was my first attempt at strip planking. I'm sure it will only get better.


#4 discostu956 Sep 30, 2012 05:51 PM

Cheers. Sounds good. If that took you 30min, it would only take me 3 hours:o

#5 kenh3497 Oct 01, 2012 01:27 PM


Originally Posted by discostu956 (Post 22877003)
Cheers. Sounds good. If that took you 30min, it would only take me 3 hours:o


The first strips took much more time as you need to get them "right". Everything builds off your first lay. The last strip needs some trimming and takes a bit more Time. It really is a fast process ounce you get the hang of it.

Cut your strips first. You can slice up a 3 X 36 sheet in just a couple of minutes. Cut to length, I cut mine a bit long if possible. Then start in with CA. you will be surprised how quick it goes

#6 campbelltf Oct 01, 2012 02:15 PM

I have seen this article once before and need to try this method on a build, but I can't seem to grasp the process for cutting the strips. In the picture on the first page of the article, the edge of the balsa sheet is up against the guide rail of the stripper. Once that plank is cut and removed, I get you can't simply slide the stripper up against the new edge or you'll get a strip like version "C" which is useless. The article says, "turn the main balsa sheet 180 degrees (do not turn it over)." To me that says you spin the sheet as it's lying on the work surface, so the same face facing up stays facing up and you cut the next strip from the opposite edge. But then when you turn the piece 180 degrees again you are right back on the first edge and the strip will look like "C".

The only thing I can think of is when you turn the balsa 180 degrees, you keep cutting on the same edge and actually have the stripper sitting on the balsa sheet instead of on the work surface. My issue there is you no longer have the edge of the balsa running along the guide rail so you risk not cutting in a straight line.

Or you flip the balsa over so the side of the sheet that was touching the work surface is now facing up and cut on the same edge as the previous cut. This seems like it would result in a piece looking like "A" but the "do not turn it over" statement in the article has me wondering. Any clarification would be great.

#7 kenh3497 Oct 01, 2012 03:16 PM

I think :o:o I "flipped" the sheet end for end. So the right top, is now on the left bottom. Does that make any sense? I'm kind of confused myself now:p

#8 campbelltf Oct 01, 2012 03:35 PM

Sorry for the confusion :o

I think I understand your flip, it sounds like what I meant in my last option. It just seems to contradict the article saying don't turn it over.

I'll give it try tonight and report back.

#9 AndyKunz Oct 01, 2012 03:51 PM

The important thing is to get the two sides angled correctly. Do that and you're ahead.


#10 discostu956 Oct 02, 2012 02:51 AM

I thought that sounded a bit iffy too Campbelltf. You would have to flip rather than turn it around I though

#11 campbelltf Oct 02, 2012 08:37 AM

And that's how it worked. After making the first pass with the balsa stripper and getting a piece that looks like "B" in the article, I flipped the balsa over so the side that had been face down on the work surface was now face up. I then ran the stripper down the edge I had just made with the previous cut. Perfect plank with edges beveled like "A" in the article. Flip the piece back over and repeat. Went quickly from there. I haven't started gluing yet, hopefully tonight.

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