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#1 loki255 Sep 26, 2012 08:30 AM

Shipping to Hong Kong
I ordered a couple of HK orange Spektrum recv from Hong Kong and two Durafly planes from the US wharehouse, P51 Mustang and A1 Skyraider.

During flight the both recvs browned out and both planes ended up crashing. I'd rather not argue on the merits of orange recvs I've used them in the past with no problem and both planes flew wonderful until the brownouts.

I followed the suggestion that I read from other threads on RC Groups about opening a dispute through paypal and after a week of no response I escalated to claim. Paypal quickly responded indicating that they would refund the amount but that I had to ship the items back to Hong Kong using a carrier that provided online tracking and the items would need to be signed for at the other end then the refund would be processed.

Here is the question, what carrier would be the best/ least expensive solution that provides all those services?

Also I'm in the process of locating a box to accomodate the remains of both planes so I don't have dimensions or wheight yet.

I was just fishing for ideas from those who have done this before. :confused:

Thanks in advance.


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