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#1 Ubootwo Sep 22, 2012 09:00 AM

Free Item Rant
I just want to apologize if i had offended anyone regarding giving away free items.

I meant no diss-respect to those that give as this is what made this forum and thier members the best RC forum on the net.

I worte what i did in responce to the way the system works as once a post is closed you have no way that i am aware of to prove to those that percieve you as a scammer to prove the innocence to all that read the post.

I have been on this forum only a few months and have seen the Gracious actions of those that give free items and i do not want to in any way discourage this.

So if i have diss-respected anyone i sincerly apologize.

with that said here is a couple pics of my planes, My spit has had many accidents i believe 5 now but i keep glueing her up and continues to fly well.

Hoping to get out today and fly but the weather does not seem to want to coperate.

Anyhow enjoy and keepem flying!


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