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#1 phil alvirez Sep 18, 2012 04:39 AM

bec, sbec, ubec
i asked master Lucien Miller from innov8tive what are these. he said:
They are all BEC circuits. The BEC and UBEC are both generic terms referring to a Battery Eliminator circuit. This is any device that will set the battery voltage down to 5 or 6 volts to run the Receiver and Servos. Typically, a BEC is a linear type circuit used on speed controllers designed to be used on 2, 3 or 4 Li-Po cells. The term SBEC means Switching BEC. This type uses a switching type voltage regulator instead of a linear type regulator. The switching regulator is much more efficient, and can be used with higher cell counts, some as much as 12 Li-po cells. Standard BEC circuits take the excess voltage and convert it into heat. Switching type BEC circuits chop the incoming voltage up into little pieces and only take as much energy as they need to create the output voltage required. By doing it this way, there is no wasted energy, and the circuits can be up to 95% efficient in converting voltage from one level to another.
good to know, isn't it?
i am also learning that sbecs are available-and needed-from 40 amps up.

#2 tobermei Sep 21, 2012 11:55 AM

It's good to know the difference between a linear and switching bec, I won't use linear bec on any battery with more than 3 cells.

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