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#1 2dogrc Sep 16, 2012 12:42 PM

New Battery Buddy!, Pictures Inside!
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We have a new AMERICAN MADE and DESIGNED product for you! This is called the Battery Buddy!

The Battery Buddy holds Lipos for MSR. MCX, MCP X, Blade and Parkzone. This a new way to manage you micro batteries. It is made with Velcro, elastic and strong webbing material. Depending on the size it will hold up to 8 batteries.

We did not design these, but are helping distribute them. The designer got this idea from flying and he would place batteries in his pocket, if you think about it is not very safe. He would get my charged batteries mixed up with uncharged batteries. Did you ever forget and leave a battery in your pants and it go through the wash. Not a good idea, so that is why he came up with the "Battery Buddy".

The "Battery Buddy" comes in 3 sizes, large = 9 in, medium = 8 in and small = 7 in. The batteries that are best suited for the "Battery Buddy" would be most 7/8 in across. Batteries for MSR, MCP X, MCX 2, many Blade and Parkzone micro planes and helis with fit in the pockets. It is also great for holding little parts packages or small tools to assist with more flight time. It is comfortable to wear and batteries are held securely but are easily accessible.

No batteries or parts are include with the "Battery Buddy". The Battery Buddy displayed with the batteries is the size large. Good flying!

For more information and check out www.2dogrc.com!

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