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#1 mintie Sep 12, 2012 05:23 PM

New York
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We have done quite a bit of travelling since last post.
Been to Yarmouth,and did a trip out to Cape Cod for the day.About an hrs drive each way. A really nice area with some neat beachs.not a lot of people in the water even though it was a very hot day.
Travelled onto Rehoboth stopping in on Woods Hole ocean research,and looked at the aquarium
Our two days at Rehoboth gave time to go to New Port Rhode Island to have a look at the rich mansions.This place is just $$$$$.
Rehoboth to New York. Set the GPS and away we drove.
Interesting time getting to our hotel..Got lost many times,GPS is not 100% reliable but not always its fault. NY has many one way streets,which is fine ,BUT during set times of the day,you cant turn into them. GPS says turn ,but signs says NO. Fun I can tell you.
Have now spent 3 days here ,two bus trips,and boat trip ,and many kms on foot.
Interesting place,people and cars everywhere,all trying to get somewhere as fast as they can.
On the road again tomorrow.

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