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#1 winchdoc Sep 04, 2012 11:12 AM

antique clock rebuild
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Time: September, 1962.
Location: Paris, France.

My Mom & Dad were driving our Mini-Cooper home from the Paris flea-market. I mean THE flea market, long before they were popular in the US like they are now.

There were cobblestone stretches of street surface on the alternate route my Dad had chosen out of the city, and they were bumpy, and the mini was so low to the ground...

I sat in the back seat with the clock. It's chimes rattled, and rang all the way home, particularly on those cobblestones.

I was 8 years old, and looked at the clock with curiousity, even then wondering what was inside.
From that day on that clock had hung somewhere in our home through out all of our military moves.
It was old then, and was not without it's own quirks, like never sounding when the minute hands were exactly on mark
It's ticking was a constant soothing background sound that was comforting like a clock to a new puppy.

***fast forward to about a week ago***

.The clock comes to my house, we hang it up and admire it, The Westminster chimes were slower, and sounded like they were about to slow & stop any second, yet the spring was wound tight.
I figured it just needed a little cleaning and oiling, how hard could THAT be?

so I took it all apart:eek:

#2 ogelman Jun 16, 2014 08:25 AM

Fontenoy clock
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Hi there winchdoc,

I was very excited to find pictures of the inner workings of your clock as I have a clock with the exact same movement. My clock has been in my family since new and has spent the last 15 years in a box in a relative's garage. It has was given to me in and did not work. There were a few parts lying in the bottom of its case and with the help of one of your pictures I found where one of them goes and it now ticks! A big thank you! I still have a couple of parts to find where they go and attach a picture of these. Can you tell me what to do with them? they may be a red herring, I have no idea.

My clock is also working without the pendulum. I couldn't find how to attach it but maybe these clips are needed somehow? Do you perhaps have a picture you could post showing how the pendulum attaches?

I'd be forever grateful for any help.

Kind regards,

England, UK

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