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#1 tenacious101010 Sep 03, 2012 04:57 AM

80 in. W/span, 1/4 scale Sopwith Triplane
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This plane was built in 1967 from Bon Holman plans. It flew one time and after it appeared in a 1968 issue of Popular Science, the engine was removed and it was a static display for the next 45 years. It was crated and hauled around the country serving as a show piece by a traveling antique toy dealer. Then it was sold to a local flea market where it again sat on display at the flea market for 3 years. I purchased it and after thorough inspection got it converted to electric power and it has made two flights so far. The motor is a Tacon power 160 on 8 cells. My son flew it and says it is the best flying plane we have. The plane is so detailed that each instrument on the instrument panel had a brass bezel and screws holding it to the panel. Its next flight will be at WATTFEST 2012, October 13 and 14 here in Florida.

In flight video from chasing 1/4 scale DR-1
45 year old sopwith triplane model takes flight (3 min 6 sec)


#2 tim hooper Sep 03, 2012 05:04 PM


Have to love those big multi-wingers.


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