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#1 mightymouse7717 Sep 03, 2012 02:41 AM

PowerHD DSM-44!!!
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I just wanted to take a moment to brag about these little servos. As an avid scratch/kit builder who has plowed through the cheap HXT900/SG90 or clones thereof, they have their place but if you are looking for an alternative without breaking the bank....i cant recommend these servos enough. my original "try em out" set have been moved from plane to plane to plane (being a noob i crash alot) and are still kicking around. cheap $2 9g servos typically wont survive crashes or abuse without stripping. i am starting this thread because there are very few references to the DSM-44 on rcgroups and i just wanted to share my experience and hear from anyone who has used these......heres the specs

Speed .09sec/60deg @ 4.8v
.07sec/60deg @ 6v
Torque 1.20kg.cm/16.66oz.in @ 4.8v
1.60kg.cm/22.21oz.in @ 6v
Metal Gear Coreless Digital.....here's the biggie......5.75g!!!!!

i typically run mine at 6v but have had no issue with torque when at 4.8v. Speed and centering is unmatched by any other analog 9g servo i have used and amp draw is well within reason. I get these through ValueHobby although i have seen them with other vendors. yes they are $7.99 but very robust and will last a long time vs the "cheapies". attaching pics of my old stinger64 that is getting new life with these servos and a Don's Wicked EDF running 4s.

#2 mightymouse7717 Sep 03, 2012 02:46 AM

video comparison DSM-44 vs stock stinger64 servo....i will let you guess which is which....crispness and speed...like night and day
PowerHD DSM-44 (0 min 55 sec)

#3 eosglider Oct 16, 2012 10:28 AM

Power HD DSM44 digital MG servo test (2 min 45 sec)

#4 argo-2 Feb 04, 2013 04:59 PM

Still going strong?
Five months down the track are you guys still happy with your DSM44's?

#5 mightymouse7717 Feb 09, 2013 08:57 PM

Sorry about the delay in response, having been spending a great deal of time on other forums. Yes I am supremely happy with the DSM-44(s). Originals still going strong and have replaced a few stripped analog 9g servos in other planes with these little guys. Working on a DLG right now that will get these servos to save as much weight at possible.

#6 argo-2 Feb 15, 2013 01:29 PM

Know the feeling MM about different threads :) Good to hear of the 44's reliability, info needed for the R2Hobbies Speedo thread.

Cheers and thanks!

#7 Zedtwitz Oct 08, 2013 09:32 PM

I had a few DSM44s in my Versus DLG and they were too weak to function well. They twitched, locked up, and were incredibly noisy.

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