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#1 JavaScript Aug 29, 2012 08:24 AM

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Words cannot describe my excitement...

I have had over a dozen 3D Hobby Shop planes of the past few years.. Sold some, crashed some.. the usual story.

My favorite electric of them all was the VR1

Found another RCG member who has one that had a landing gear blowout. I am buying it for parts.

Mine met an unfortunate end in an inverted harrier dumb thumb.. "up vs. down" problem... 3DH didn't have parts necessary to fix it.. So I replaced that one with the 3DH 48" Edge, which I am still flying today.

Thanks to blackzrx... His VR1 + My VR1 = one good VR1 :popcorn:

Cannot wait to get this back in the air.

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