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#1 RHTizzy Aug 28, 2012 02:13 PM

Powering the Crius AIOP
if you power the board from external power source via the extended power in marked on the back of the board then you will be able to take power from the S1-S3 plug (so you dont have to have wires running from the I2c plug). The power supplied to the external power source is the power supplied to the S1~S3 plug so beware what voltage you connect.

Remember to remove the yellow jumper if you are powering the board this way

I connected a two pin header to the "EXTEND POWER IN" & removed the yellow jumper. With this set up you don't have to remove the BEC's (red wires) from the ESC's as removing the yellow jumper has cut them off from the rest of the board, also this means that there is power to "S1~S3" port (eight pin serial port as stated.
I used a 5A\5V UBEC directly off the batteryconnector on the frame which should provide ample power for the CAIOP and supporting modules such as Bluetooth, GPS or sonar.

I soldered 4mm bullet connectors to the frame for the ESC's so if anything needs to be replaced I can just disconnect it. I also soldered the UBEC directly to the frame and it gets it's power from the same connector as the ESC's. To connect the battery('s) I soldered both an XT60 and a Deans plug for convenience. As the Deans are not easy to work with, since then I've replaced them on all of my batteries with XT60's.

As it made more sense (and provided easier access) I soldered all my connectors to the bottom. As this might result in issues out in the wild, I added some hotglue for protection

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