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#1 IFLYOS Aug 28, 2012 12:54 PM

Need a "Rule of thumb"
On prop position vs CG, as well as cg in general...is ballasting the kite for "free flight" test glides still valid?

I would guess that the prop position would change as a percentage of the chord depending on the type of kite...but I am not sure.

A buddy and I got out first vector unit together this weekend, and had a flight, though it wasn't 100% successful. We told the onlookers that "we are still in the development stage" to save face:D

So...any advice? We are not locked into a specific kite type, so if one is better than the other (delta. delta box, etc) we can change as needed...


#2 slebetman Aug 29, 2012 10:52 AM

I've always determined CG with glide tests for all my kites. So yes, it's valid.

However, I've found that kites with long wingspans and short body like bird kites to be harder to trim than kites with short wingspans and long bodies like deltas and box kites.

Kites with a lot of cloth in front of the CG usually need a tail to improve lateral and spiral stability. Sort of like the rule with planes and the size of vertical stabilizers.

So far I've never been able to trim kites with pusher configuration though it should be possible given that people have built RC ultralights. Having the prop in front of the CG is easier to trim in my experience.

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