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#1 R.M. Gellart Aug 26, 2012 07:36 PM

100M Launch ALES-DARTS Contest
Well, on Saturday the DARTS club in Dayton, OH tried a 100M launch height ALES event. The CD was Bill Hoelcher from Columbus and it was his idea to try it out.

I must admit, that I thought that a 100M launch would look like a pop off on the winch, but it doesn't. Now, flying at the DARTS field is like flying in a bowl as you kind of are in a low spot relative to surounding ground. But the 100M launch looks like a really short tow in F3J or a short field hi start. With the Tragi, I basically buzzed arond in a circle to set up my ascent in the last ten seconds to coincide with the location I was trying to get to. It worked pretty well.

Bill called eight minutes all day and it really would not have mattered as it was very good conditions, just like a TD contest we flew there the weekend before. Pretty much any wind shift was air and it usually paid off. The launch was high enough, that at least for any ship with LD, that even if you did not nail your launch you could get to the lift. I saw a Radian as high as I had ever seen one.

I do believe that as time goes on contest organizers will drop the launch height to 150M's and some more will give 100M's a try. What a friend has said is that during a given day, you could even lower the launch height as the day goes on and conditions change to toughen up the proceedings.

It just proved to be an entertaining day.

#2 dharban Aug 26, 2012 08:43 PM

I am looking over the results from some of this year's Intertour F5J series and it looks like a lot of the best pilots are finding success at around 100 meters in a wide variety of conditions. I know that it's a different game, but in seven rounds of the prelims for the last contest, virtually all of the top 10 finishers maxed all of their flights with launches in the vicinity of 100 meters.

I have taken to practicing almost exclusively with 100 meter launches. Twice as many per battery, twice as many landings and much more pucker time.

Happy Landings,


#3 R.M. Gellart Aug 26, 2012 09:06 PM

I agree with you Don, it is great practice start height and it gives a whole new look at 200M. If we were doing F5J purely, I would think that unless it was really tough, 100-120M would be an ideal start.


#4 awilmunder Aug 27, 2012 11:24 AM

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Last Thursday I CD'd our fourth Old-Timer event using ALES Limiters and we chose 150m as our launch height. At our first event we had tried 200m and found that a number of planes just couldn't make that altitude without replacing their power plants. We tried allowing a motor restart during launch and this made timing more difficult. 150m was a good compromise that got all but the most underpowered planes to an even altitude after launch.

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