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#1 Conehead Aug 22, 2012 07:30 PM

Funny thing happened yesterday
I was at my property yesterday, cutting up some trees and stuff to build a fire. I got the fire going and as it burned down, I didn't want to leave it until is was way down. I got out my Mini Trojan and decided to fly. I got a battery out, got the right transmitter and found the correct model.

I put the battery on it, tossed it into the air, into the ground it went. I must have put the battery too far foreward. After a couple of tosses, I moved it back, and it flew, but not great. So after another dink, I decided to put it away. I think the fuse is way too far gone to fix, it is the bottom portion. I won this one at the JR Indoor.

I took the battery off and laid it on the bumper of my Envoy. I put everything away, by then the fire was down, so I got in the car and went home. When I got home, I unloaded my car, there was the battery. I drove 14 miles home or there about, the battery was still in the same place where I put it. I went up hill, down hill, all around the town, well sort of. I am up north in MI and most of the roads are smooth, but a few places, it is sort of rough. Not rough enough to move the battery onto the ground. It was 1S, 130 Mah.

I went to fly my Champ, but when I looked at the other box, it was the Mig-15 micro which has not been flown and I think I need a bit more room than what I have in my area at my property. I think need to take another tree down. That will give me a bit more room to fly. I got about 150 feet by about 75 feet. Of course there are some trees on the far side I have to look out for, but flying there gives me lots of good practice to fly at the JR Indoor.

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