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#1 Jack Crossfire Aug 21, 2012 03:25 AM

analog BJT magic
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Aren't you glad you didn't need to solder that board, but when an LF353 would either cost $20 or take 5 days to order, the easier option is some more epic analog BJT magic.

This one took a while to figure out. The object of the game was to make a comparator out of the fewest transistors. The trick was using the output of 1 side to drive the other side & using an NPN where a PNP would be used in an H bridge.

There was probably a magic search term which would have found the same thing on the goog.

So the next great hope is broadcasting pings from the ground to the aircraft. Initial tests with a single h-bridge driven transducer were promising. The trick is driving 3 transducers with a reasonable circuit, getting the aircraft to know which transducer is pinged & when, getting a ping rate high enough.

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