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#1 cwg25 Aug 17, 2012 06:33 PM

Made a few steps forward
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I had a friend help me with soldering and learned the solder I was using wasn't good, even though it was 60/40 rosin.

We tried another brand and it worked fine. I'm able to solder now and attached the deans connector wire to the board and the wires for the receiver.

I was able to connect just about all the wires to the naza and receiever. There are two wires from the on/off switch I'm not sure where to attach, if I even need to. I see one of these can fit in the receiver or naza unit. The second I'm not sure where it goes. The third is attached to the data port on the receiver, I know that goes there.

I've stopped short of attaching the GPS unit. And I haven't affixed the naza unit, reciever, or LED unit to the plate yet. Zip ties hold down the ESCs.

Any comments, suggestions, or constructive criticism would be appreciated.

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