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#1 itsme2 Aug 14, 2012 10:29 AM

Seeking Larger Docile Flyer ARF/RTF Foam Tail Dragger - Ideas?
I've been flying a foam Apprentice (57" wingspan trainer with tricycle gear) for a good while now and I'm ready to move on. The field I fly out of is grass and sometimes it's fairly tall. The Apprentice struggles on the grass and sometimes noses over even though I have put larger wheels on it.

I would like to try a larger tail dragger that is a docile flyer and has a lot of prop to runway clearance. I don't have building skills or a lot of time to learn building so right now I'm looking for larger foam ARF/RTF/RR foam planes.

Can anyone here suggest what might be good planes to look at considering what I'm looking for?

Thank you!

#2 Ranandar Aug 14, 2012 10:57 AM

If you are proficient with the Apprentice and am comfortable making coordinated aileron+elevator turns, maybe you should be looking at some low wing sport or 3D models. There is nothing that says you cannot fly them 'docile' until you are ready for more advanced styles. You may also want to look at some smaller hand launched models. Fun to fly and no runway required.

#3 Fravits Aug 14, 2012 11:10 AM

Sounds like you need a Multiplex Mentor. Featuring tough foam construction with a sixty-three inch span, this is an ideal tail dragger suitable for beginners and experts alike. It is moderately aerobatic and has excellent low speed characteristics. No worries about temperamental ground handling here as the Mentor is extremely well behaved on take off and landing. this is a great all around sport flier and you won't be disappointed. Available at Tower Hobbies as I recall.:D

#4 gulio Aug 15, 2012 08:27 PM

I'm way beyond the mentor , but I just plain like it so much I am going to buy one. It'll be like my Sensei only bigger and a tail dragger. I think I'll enjoy it. I vote for it.

For choice 2 you may want to consider the Flyzone switch. It's not as big as you want , but can easily hand launch and is nice in the high wing AND the low wing configs. It is only 45" wingspan , and takes standard 3sx2.2 batts.

#5 ArizonaFun Aug 15, 2012 09:21 PM

That Apprentice is really good airplane, I have one and fly it now & then for fond memories of my earlier flying days. I sure understand when it's time to move on though. You'd have to get pretty BIG wheels to do better in taller grass. Best if you could find a way to keep that grass mowed shorter because even bigger planes will struggle. I had a private grass runway but it got old having to mow it short before every flight but it sure made a nicer runway. I had a Sig Kadet Senior with a Saito 56GK four stroke and I put BIG wheels on it and that helped in the grass. You might consider an E-Flite Pulse XT 25e and leave the wheel pants off and put bigger tires on it? The Pulse might be too big a step up from the Apprentice though. A Parkzone T-28 would be a perfect next step but the grass thing gets in the way there too...

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