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#1 Jack Crossfire Aug 14, 2012 02:16 AM

Death of another camera
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The TCM8240 was finally voted off the island, when it showed a sporatic short circuit which caused the CPU to die. Maybe that was making it fail to output raw data.

The closest it came to outputing anything was using the registers found on:


It only produced a completely white picture. Maybe the chip was defective. Maybe the pinout had an error. It doesn't matter, since it never encoded JPEG & there is a much smaller camera which can output raw.

Also remembered 1 way to simplify the routing & shrink the board is to connect the data pins out of order, then use a software lookup table to reorder the bits. Who knows how slow that would be. A speed test on the revision 1 board would reveal the impact, but be a lot of work.

The PWM signals are being generated. The IMU is being read & fused. Time to put it on the airframe.

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