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#1 Kauz Aug 09, 2012 04:07 AM

The PZ-Albatros- Getting better performance and look with a different propeller
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Like on many of my models I tried to optimize the performance of the Albatros too. The easiest and cheapest way to achieve this goal is done by exchanging the stock propeller by one from the aftermarket. Of course this will strain your battery a little more, therefore you have to check first if it's capable to deliver about 22amps static current. I'm using Turnigy 2200s with 20C and they work fine. The first propeller I was using, was an APC-E 12x6. It worked fine, had a static current of 22amps and showed a good performance with of course more thrust than the stock one. But after the first flights I didn't like it anymore because of its shape. It didn't fit the Albatros too good in my opinion. I had another Propeller at home which I wanted to give a try, a Graupner CAM-Prop 12.5x6, and it was a direct hit. It looked good and despite its larger diameter, the static current remained the same 21-22amps. But thrust of course was more and the shape of the propeller blades is now more to my likings. It also fits the scale dimensions of the Albatros a lot better. The diameter of the propeller on the full size aircraft was 2780mm, our model is in 1: 8.45 scale, which means a scale propeller should have a diameter of about 328mm. The Graupner prop has nearly 320mm diameter, so it fits the Albatros perfectly. Of course a black propeller with a pink overprint on it is not an optical highlight, so it will be worth the effort painting it like a wooden propeller and, if you want to, apply the stickers I uploaded as files in my detailing post. For comparison I attached two photos of each of the propellers, the APC first.


#2 lassehellsten Nov 01, 2012 01:43 PM

12 x 6
Hi so I got the Graupner Cam 12 x 6 prop. As said before still 22A but 280W instead of 220W!
Thanks for the tips, eager to fly her but..... snow. Maybe better weather on Saturday

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