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Monday, August 6, 2012
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While working on the nose block, the rest of the airplane separated from it, leaving me with nose block in one hand, sandpaper in the other and a model with a broken horizontal stabilizer on the floor. Removed what was left of the empanage and replaced with $$$ Tree foam.

Built a couple of Thermic 18s and a Thermic 20 HLG. Foam wings and tails and wood for fuselages. The first of the Thermic 18s had a foam fuselage that had to be stiffened to be of any use. Split bamboo skewers glued in the weak spots took care of it.

Borrowed two books on building and flying hand launch gliders:

Throw It Out of Sight! Building and Flying a Hand-Launched Glider by Lawrence F. Abrams


Flying Hand-Launched Gliders by John Kaufmann.

Each books is a complete practical guide to the building, trimming and flying of hand-launched gliders. Following simple step-by-step directions, illustrated with numerous diagrams and drawings, the reader learns how to select balsa wood, how to lay out the gliders, and how to cut and assemble them. But building is only the beginning. Each author describes fine tuning and when and how to take advantage of the weather conditions in order to produce the best possible flight the glider can achieve. If you want to get into contest flying there is information on that, too.

The mistress of the household, Lucy, blissfully sleeping on the rug.

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