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#1 dgarbern Jul 30, 2012 08:48 PM

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Made a few key improvements. I replaced the GWS brushed motor with my Medusa 5300kv and swapped out the aileron servo from a Turnigy 4.4 to a Suppo 4.4. With a 2S 350mah lipo a GWS 3*3 prop turns 24.9k rpm at 9.6A. Not just unlimited vertical, it keeps accelerating straight up as far as I can see it. Seems faster than my sport wing, which I've clocked at 78mph using a GPS. I probably need to reduce the elevator throw; it's hard to keep a straight line at full throttle.

I bought the Suppo servo at an airshow this weekend. The housing is identical in shape and size to the Turnigy's. As it turned out, the gear train is quite different. It has a 60deg throw instead of the Turnigy's 90 deg. It also centers much better and seems to move more smoothly. In flight, the roll control is much more predictable. I won't be getting any more Turnigy's in the future, for sure.

Also attached a closeup of the unified pylon/spring hinge for the flying stab.

Partial specs:

Wingspan: 23"
Max chord: 3"
Wing Area: 55 sq in (est.)
AUW Weight: 104g
CG: ~42%

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