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#1 erwinph Jul 25, 2012 10:29 PM

HL M41A3 Walker Bulldog: Dead after 1 day only
I recently bought online a Heng Long M41A3 Walker Bulldog as a gift for my son's upcoming birthday. We were happy that it actually arrived sooner than expected and ahead of his actual birthday. So the day after recieving it and having the battery charged, he had it tested and played with. He was quite happy and really had fun playing with for the day. The following morning when I checked, I saw the tank's rear light flashing. Apparently, he had only the remote switched off but not the tank. I then switched off the tank and removed the battery to have it charged. Later in the day, I put the newly charged battery back into the tank. I then turned on the remote and the tank. However, when I tried to use the remote i did not get any response from the tank. I've tried moving everthing on the remote but there was nothing. I checked the channel setting on both remote and tank and they are on the same channel. The battery had 8.4v in it when i had it tested. I also had the remote battery replaced but still nothing. The tank was just dead, no response, no lights, totally nothing. Please help me out. It had only been a day that my son was able to use his tank and did not even reach his birthday. Thanks in advance.

#2 CHIEFSONN Jan 23, 2014 06:07 PM

Tank problem
The battery's are fully charged you say, the channels are the same, make sure the Crystal inside the battery compartment and on the transmitter are in all the way. antenna is fully extended. hope this helps

#3 Rustbucket Jan 24, 2014 01:31 AM

Did you pick up your tank from an on line hobby store or a priivate party.?
IF you pick it up from an on line hobby store i would get back in touch and see if they would work with ya Private party that could be another story.?

Tanks can be funny and all most drive you nuts;-) been there done that one befor ;-)
I work on my own tanks most of the time and they do drive me nuts sometimes.
THE .red flashing lights usely mean low battery . Or it you have the RX18 means your ready to hit the engine sound starting system then they would go on with out flashing and stay on .
. ..

I just happen to think of something and I have seen this as well Recheck your battery lead . I have seen them loose and when you plug in your battery it will not make compleat contact for I have seen whear the lead inside the plug are not making contack.
TO me it has to be a simple problem I hope ONE OTHER Idea ? I wonder if something came loose inside the tank like a loose wire or something came loose that would cause you not to have any contact eather. Do you even get any lights on the radio at all? IF you dont go to back of the radio . Pull the cover off and make sure all of the batteys are in right. NOW that has happen to me. What radio are you useing a chistal or slider switch or a 2.4. I have seen a few problems in the pass. Trying to nail down the problem once we know what all went on. BUT Right now I would just guess something may have came loose. GOOD LUCK KEEP us posted. .
I have seen some problems in the pass . BUT HL tanks usely dont have that many. MOST of the time.that is .
OK I hope this will help . DON The Portland Rustbucket

#4 jeff489 Jan 28, 2014 03:56 PM

You all did see the date on the original post? This thread (and his post) is 551 days old.

#5 Rustbucket Jan 28, 2014 06:09 PM

NO I just saw the thread . I wonder why that one was put back on?Thank for bringing that up. That now tells me to keep an eye on the dates. GOOD EYES .

#6 jeff489 Jan 29, 2014 10:22 AM

LOL, if that's the worst you do all week, you're going to be fine. It happens.

#7 Rustbucket Jan 29, 2014 06:09 PM

YUP YOIUR RIGHT ON that one ;-)) I will just besure to look at the dates . Also found some other old sights. Surprise they are on as well. DON thanks

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