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#1 dbc Jul 25, 2012 08:07 PM

FMS 40" Cessna 182
Anyone have any experience with this plane?


I've got one being delivered tomorrow. It looks to be a nice model and is one of the very few foam Cessna's that I've never owned. I'd like to hear from anyone with knowledge of this one.

#2 Quamin Jul 26, 2012 03:32 PM

Me and my wife both bought one for our anniversary and have only had ground checks and adjustments. We still are working on getting more experience on the simulator before putting it up in the air, but they look cool :P

I haven't seen too much on the 40" version but there's plenty of good from the 55" version. In any case, all have the issue of the front landing gear being weak. Just driving around in a parking lot caused issues on our planes. My wife's front gear stripped and could not be steered. I needed all new steering arms. We have everything tightened up and repaired but are waiting for the right time for our maiden flight.

Can't wait! I'm interested if anyone else has experience with this as well, or any tips for this specific plane.

#3 dbc Jul 26, 2012 06:28 PM

Big brown truck just delivered mine today. No damage, everything nicely packed and it all looks to be of reasonable quality. I'll get it assembled, do some power measurements and post my impressions.

I've had over a dozen foam Cessnas, including the larger 55" FMS, and always wanted one in this size (400 class) that looked really scale and nicely detailed. So far, it's checked all those boxes. We'll soon see how it assembles and flys.

#4 MrConvair Jul 28, 2012 05:58 PM

I've dealt with Banana Hobby and recieved Used Planes & Radio, I hope can get one of these cessnas . . . .a new one Lol;)

#5 voxel Jul 29, 2012 10:12 AM



It's tail heavy and replacement props are not easy to find (but compatible with the FMS 800mm warbirds). About to "remaiden" mine next weekend after I fix the CG with non-lead weights - thinking of various things.

EDIT: This plane also shares the same engine as the FMS warbirds which means it has the same soft shaft issue. If you land on the nose, you'll probably bend the shaft and have to replace the engine ($8 + shipping). Unfortunately, the only supplier I know is HobbyKing as Banana Hobby never has them in stock.

#6 dbc Jul 29, 2012 02:42 PM

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Got the Cessna finished and ready for maiden. The build generally went smoothly with a couple of frustrating issues - I had to cut away a little foam around the tail nav light plug to get the vertical stab to fit down completely on the fuse. Also, the rats nest of wires in the battery compartment along with the loose rx and esc makes a real mess. I spent about an hour getting all this mounted and organized.

The plane is a very scale little Cessna and looks great. Wish the stickers were glossy color instead of the flat "paper" look of the red and black. Otherwise, it's about as nice a little foamy as I've seen.

I am concerned about it's potential flight characteristics. It only draws about 100 watts and 13.5 amps. Not much power for a plane that weighs over 1.5 lbs. It's relatively small wing area is going to mean fairly high wing loading. This combined with the limited power means this is in no way a "sky trainer". Most scale Cessnas dont make good trainers but BH and others always seem to label them as such.

A rank beginner is going to be very disappointed after returning home from the maiden with a pile of foam pieces.

Winds permitting, I'm going to do the maiden this evening. Will report back.

#7 dbc Jul 29, 2012 08:26 PM

Did the maiden and two additional flights this evening. Required an additional 14g of nose weight with the supplied battery to get the recommended CG. The 55mm rearward appears to be about right for this model.

Plane flew nicely and in very close to perfect trim at the initial surface settings. But it's very low powered, just as I suspected. Long takoff roll on asphalt and shallow climbout at full power. You've got to be very careful as the low power leaves little room for error. The plane could be easily stalled on a moderately steep climbout.

It just doesn't have enough power for nice loops or rolls. It'll do them but there not very pretty. Inverted required full power and a good deal of down elevator to maintain. This plane is best flown in a scale fashion and it looks nice doing that.

It has the touchy, slighty nervous flight character that most models this small exhibit. It's satisfactory for someone with considerable RC flight experience but definitely is not for beginners.

#8 voxel Jul 29, 2012 10:10 PM

Thanks for the report, dbc!

I put 32g of weight so far with the 1300mah stock battery to get the 55mm-from-LE CG. Will re-maiden soon. The first maiden ended quickly - broke a propeller and bent the nose wheel (which will happen anyways because it's tiny). This plane is tough/solid. Explains why it's so heavy - lol.

Did you use the stock transmitter?

The engine can handle 3S as my FMS mini warbird with the same engine and (I believe) 20A ESC use a 3S setup (with Deans connectors).

#9 dbc Jul 30, 2012 07:21 AM

I used the supplied tx, rx and battery. They 're the same components supplied with the FMS Easy Trainer 1280 powered glider which I've flown many times successfully. I assume maybe they are the same ones used in the FMS 800mm mini warbird series?

This power system would be fine in an 800mm 500g plane. But this Cessna is larger and heavier. Power is just barely adequate. 3 cell might be an option but could be hard to fit in the limited space. It would probably balance with little or no dead weight added, though.

I'll just fly it a little more with the supplied components. Give yourself plenty of room for a long takeoff run and climb out gently. Landings require some speed and using reduced power all the way to touch down in order to get really smooth ones. I've managed to get smooth landings every time so far but they do require careful coordination and skill.

I reduced the steering throw by putting the steering rod in the hole closest to the center of the servo horn, then moving the rudder rod to the outer hole. The ground handling was far too sensitive the way it was supplied. This change helped a lot but it's still a little hard to control smoothly. The increased rudder throw is actually good, increasing rudder authority for better control at landing approach speeds.

#10 dbc Jul 30, 2012 10:41 AM

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Here's the 40" FMS alongside my Tien Sheng 73" Cessna. Quite interesting!

I've had more than a dozen foam Cessnas and have kept only the ones ( 5 so far) that I really like. Not sure yet if the 40" FMS is a "keeper". I AM sure that it's one of the most scale and nicest looking of the bunch.

#11 dbc Jul 30, 2012 11:28 AM

I did a quick power check on 3s battery. 283w and 24.4a - beyond the rating of the esc and probably the motor too. It sounds nice on 3s and pulls great. You'd have to prop down a little to make this work and I'm not sure FMS makes a lower pitch or smaller three blade with the tiny shaft hole. I could devise something with other props though - and I may try this eventually. The other issues is weight. My 1300 3s is 109g. Way more than the 64g supplied 2s. Plane needs a little nose weight but not 45g.

I'll fly it a few more times on 2s before deciding.

#12 voxel Jul 30, 2012 11:42 AM


Originally Posted by dbc (Post 22306335)
I did a quick power check on 3s battery. 283w and 24.4a - beyond the rating of the esc and probably the motor too. It sounds nice on 3s and pulls great. You'd have to prop down a little to make this work and I'm not sure FMS makes a lower pitch or smaller three blade with the tiny shaft hole. I could devise something with other props though - and I may try this eventually.

I'll fly it a few more times on 2s before deciding.

Yeah, just a tad above the limit of the motor but what is strange is the FMS warbird uses the same motor, same 3-blade prop (bought extra for both planes), and same ESC (I'll double check this last bit)


Anyway to limit the throttle by 10%?

I bought a bunch of 3-blade props from Parkflyers for this plane (thinking it was the same as the FMS one but it's not)


I recall the prop being 3mm also with a smaller pitch but it doesn't fit the FMS spinner. It does fit the Sharper Image spinner. I can double check it when I'm back home tonight.

#13 dbc Jul 30, 2012 12:05 PM

That power check was with a newer fully charged 2200mah 3s. I've got an older, slightly tired, 1300 3s that I'm charging right now to check. It will certainly draw less on the older, smaller battery. I can just barely get this 1300, 3s in the compartment and the weight, I'm afraid, is going to be the issue.

EDIT: 234 watts and 22 amps with the 1300 - still over but not by much. The issue is weight. Plane is now nose heavy with the 109g battery. By the time it's balanced I've added, including the heavier battery, about 60g to the AUW. The plane is already heavy for it's size and the extra 1/8 lb is only going to make it worse. There are some 1000mah 3s batteries that weigh only about 25-35g more than the stock one. These should balance with no dead weight.
I might order some later.

But for the moment, I'll stay with stock for a while.

#14 voxel Jul 31, 2012 11:45 AM

Nice. I'm itching to maiden mine. Thinking of a 3s to start off with and limit the throttle via my radio (I'm still new and only discovered this last night).

I checked my Parkflyer props (http://www.parkflyers.com/Sharper_Im...ro_p/si403.htm) they are 8 x 5. So slightly longer, but the pitch is less.

They do not fit the stock spinner, but are 3mm and can work with a different spinner.

#15 dbc Jul 31, 2012 04:40 PM

voxel: Do you have a 3s light enough to get the plane to balance without adding tail weight?
I'd very much like the power of 3s but dont want to add 60g to the plane.

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