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#1 AirX Jul 20, 2012 07:30 PM

What's going on in my hobby....
Several months back I lost the usage of my CAD programs I had been using for several years when my old laptops hard drive died.
I lost a lot of modeling - arround 10 years worth to be exact. Now I still have the files just not a program that can read them.
I have since gotten a new laptop and found a few CAD programs that work surprisingly well and are easy to use.
I had been using AutoCad v2000 and Inventor v5, inventor was used to make 3d models and AutoCad was used to prep the 2d parts derived from the inventor models for use in my cnc machine.
The programs I have now are DevFusFoam and will soon be getting DevFusCam for wood modeling. I plan to get DevCadPro for general drafting and ProfiliPro for wood\foam wings. Each will generate g-code to run cnc machines which is a big plus.

Link to DevCad products: http://www.devcad.com/eng/devfus_frame.htm

More to come...

#2 CoolerByTheLake Aug 22, 2012 05:21 PM

I have been told, but don't know for a fact, some computer shops can retrieve thr info. Well worth a try. Mark

#3 AirX Aug 23, 2012 05:30 AM

Hi Mark,

They can retrieve data, I have a backup hard drive that I backed up all my designs but they cannot retrieve the programs that made the data.
Since the programs were 12years or older I cannot get a computer that will run them, the new versions are prohibitively expensive.
DevCad products will take a bit to learn but I will get proficient in them as I were in Inventor and Autocad... :)

As soon as it gets a little cooler I will start one of the projects I had been working on with the new cad programs. It will be a blog entry.

I follow your F86, nice work. Looking forward to seeing it fly.

Eric B.

#4 AirX Sep 12, 2012 07:30 PM

Its getting a little cooler now, I can work in the shop without loosing 5lbs water weight.
I have 2 planes ready to cut foam on.

One is a T/A37 that I designed several years ago and set up a plot file of its sections. It will be first on the table.
The other is the AN124 I designed this year on Devfusfoam, the templates are plotted.
Both are section cut foam, the T/A37 dimensions are wingspan 50in, length 49in.
The Dragonfly/Tweet will have retracts/flaps, will have 2 - 70mm fans on 4s 2650mah batts.

The An124 dimensions are wingspan 100in, length 96in it will be built in two fuselage sections bolted together after the wing, will have flaps and retracts will come later. It will have 2 receivers on opposite ends of the fuselage with common power source. It has 4 - 70mm fans to use 4s - 2650mah batts.have 2 receivers on opposite ends of the fuselage with common power source. It has 4 - 70mm fans to use 4s - 2650mah batts.

More later...

#5 AirX Sep 26, 2012 07:08 PM

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Here is a teaser picture of the 3D model of the fuselage for the An124. I will fill in more later...

#6 AirX Oct 01, 2012 06:12 PM

Foam aircraft tooling...
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I am making some simple tooling to use in cutting parts for my airframes. I had been cutting/trimming forma blocks on my cnc machine but with the monitor out I have resorted to hand trimming/cutting blanks/parts. This is how Orlando and I did a few planes several years back.
For templates I looked at Kieth Sparks book for help in making inexpensive and durable templates.

More to come...

Eric B.

#7 AirX Oct 04, 2012 08:16 PM

Cut foam today. Just prepping blanks to start cutting the T/A37 fuselage this weekend.
I have no pictures yet, that will come as I make headway and I will start a blog entry for it.

Eric B.

Here is some pictures of the design when I and a couple others were working on a workable model.

#8 AirX Jun 30, 2013 10:09 AM

I have worked on designs at work where I can use Autodesk Inventor at lunch.
I have resurrected the X32 from an early save of the solid model, it was designed arround a Wemotec Microfan using a 6000kv car motor. This is one I won't build as a 50mm but will scale up to 70mm or 90mm.

I have also worked on an ERJ145 inspired by several people in the airliner forum and that is what my youngest will probably be flying in a couple of years.

I have also completed a cad model of the FJ1 Fury which I will section so I can one day build it,.

Eric B

#9 AirX Aug 13, 2013 12:42 PM

The temperature arround here lately has been stifling - ~100 ambient air temps arround the Houston area. I had been building my T37 and working on some of my older designs trying to resurect them from files saved off an old hard drive and making some headway.
I had a T2A Buckeye designed back in early 2004-5 and wanted to resurect it, so far I modeled it up in DevFusFoam and have some information in AutoCAD to resurect to get the design back flying. I aim have the CAD done as soon as I can and will post a thread on it here in my blog. When it is finished I will cut a couple, one for me and a friend.
I am also going to build a D_Fast F106 of which I have the plans plotted and will start cutting the sections when the temperature is more palatable. I think that might be in a few weeks, look for it here in my blog.
The An124 is still going to be started but maybe put behind the 106 and T2.

Eric B.

#10 AirX Sep 13, 2013 06:40 AM

Still hot arround here and supposed to be 97 this afternoon. but I have been getting things built and done even if it is just a peice at a time. Yesterday I completed a scratchbuild feathercut wing cutting system with a scratchbuilt bow.
The Bow is a 1inch diameter pvc pipe with the ends drilled to accept two aluminum rods and a steel leader wire. The holes for the rods are cut on a scribed centerline about 1inch in on the pipe each end on the bottom and about a quarter inch longer in 180degrees off. Came out good and straight, a new one for me. The table is a door mounted on 1 x 4's on the corners and serves as my workbench. I used screen door rollers to direct my guide lines to pull the bow and for the bar and weight to pull the bow ai used a 2" x 1/2" slat screwed into a leg just below table grade and a hammer for the weight.
The first cut came out just as good or better than my CNC table and did not take long to adjust. I find I need better templates with this system than I had been using on my foam projects so that is my next step.

Eric B.

#11 CHC Sep 27, 2013 03:20 PM

Hey - noticed you're in the Houston area. I'm on the south side of town and am just getting into the CNC side of destroying foam as well. More specifically, I've been looking at the DevCad product lines to go with my HobbyCNC board/cutter that's on the workbench. Currently using CompuFoil 3D (love it) for my templates, etc.

Hear you about the templates as I've got the Feathercut and it's not too tolerant about any nicks in the template.

Would like to converse some more as I progress. Very, very interested in how the DevFuse/DevCad stuff works out. What controller board and driver software are you using?

#12 AirX Sep 28, 2013 12:00 PM


No problem mate, just ask away and if I cant help I think we can find someone who can.

Eric B.

#13 AirX Mar 12, 2014 09:16 PM

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After meandering around for a while trying to keep computers going and learning how to work different programs so I could design what I wanted to build and fly, I decided to get another fast build foamy so I could have something to fly. My older son is my flying buddy and wanted an F22, so we bought a couple of the HK Starmax F22.

My son built his with a Wemotec Minifan and a 3400KV motor that I had gotten from HK and built it pretty much stock with the bifurcated exhaust. Mine had a CS70-10 with an L2855-2300, I modified the outlet area like JePe did Fast Foam version of the Fly Fly F22 allowing a single exhaust outlet. Both fans were putting out ~550-600watts on 4s 2200 35c Turnigy batts.

Jody finished his first and flew it, was a little disappointed with the top speed but the plane flew well. I finished mine and we flew it last weekend and the top end is much better speed with better vertical. Would be better if I could get a 5-cell pack in the plane it would be dramatically better in all flight regimes.

I used a constant diameter tube, the squeezing of the tube causes the tube to loose area to around 85% outlet area.

Eric B.

#14 AirX Jun 06, 2014 06:52 PM

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Finally have time to start new models.
One of the first I started cutting is D-Fasts Scorpian in 70 size.

Eric B.

#15 D_FAST Jun 07, 2014 06:27 AM

great timing,
as ive just recently got my 50m scorpian off the shelf to finish it.

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