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#1 Bill K. Nov 15, 2003 09:37 PM

What is the difference between these?
What is the difference between these two packs, say that I have 8 loose Kan 1050 cells. (which I do) What do I gain by building the pack like so


or what do I gain by building it like so


Both seem to work, one is slightly shorter and comes out lighter than the other, however am I loosing anything by using one method over the other? I like the second method because it's allowing me to move the battery back and forth more for CG, however I'm not sure if it's because the cells are brand new or what, but my run times on the first and second charge were pretty darn short. However another pack built side by side ran about double, but it was also on charge 10 or more.

Thanks in advance, now it seems like Lipolys are simple to me... I hardly ever mess with cells anymore... :rolleyes:


#2 thazy2 Nov 15, 2003 10:29 PM

I dont think it should matter when it comes run time. I like the first one. It easier to put together and remove. Plus if your using matched cells, the pack can equalize on a tray or cycle one cell at a time to show capacity. The only difference that I can see is size limitation of your application. Both method can be adjusted for CG, if im understanding your ? right.



#3 Bill K. Nov 15, 2003 10:55 PM

Thanks Jason,

Kind of what I figured. The plane that I'm flying them on, one gives me 1/4" aprox more to play with in moving my CG aft. That just makes the plane a little less stable, which is a good thing for the way that I'm trying to fly it. Most of my packs are built like method one, however I've got some loose cells and figured that I would build some the other way too. I think that my run times are just the packs being new and once they get a few runs under their belts they will be fine.


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