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#1 metalhead1986 Jul 16, 2012 01:46 PM

Curtis Youngblood Rave 450 flybarless head
I purchased this flybarless head to convert my Thunder Tiger Mini Titan to flybarless. I got as far as the conversion, which went great. Life started getting in the way of my fun, so the Mini Titan was never flown after the head was installed. Now that Thunder Tiger has released a flybarless head for the Mini Titan, I figured I will try that one at some point, so the Rave head has to go.

The head comes completely assembled. I even dry fit the main shaft (which was not used in the Mini Titan Install) and loosely installed the screws to make the head complete. The included links were never made up nor used on the Mini Titan conversion.

I will also include a never-opened spacer set for the Rave 450 that I purchased because I thought I was missing a spacer. It turns out I used two where there was only supposed to be one. Once I fixed that, the spacer set was not needed, so I never opened it.

Additionally, I will include the instruction sheet for the flybarless head.

As I was posting the pictures, I realized the finish of the head looks a little dull. That's what I get for taking the pictures with my backup camera. Rest assured that the finish of the non-anodized parts is extremely shiny and pretty.
Condition – Mint

I have successfully sold quite a few things here on the heli forums and many more on photography forums and on eBay. My user name on eBay is Metalhead1986 if you want to check me out.

Money orders or PayPal will be accepted, and the above price includes PayPal fees.



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